Mazey Lotus Ambassador Track

We believe in empowering women with their truth and powerful medicine, while paving a way for them to deliver that to the world. Seeing women walk the path of the goddess, divine alchemy, use their voice and pass that practice on to other women; That's what I want to see. Empowerment. Connection. Gathering.

Mazey Lotus, which includes our Goddess Project and annual Black Moon Project, offers it's members who fall in love with us the ability to deliver our community to others. If you've been a part of our community and have fallen in love with us, when you have someone who would like to take the 2018 Goddess Project journey with you, or The Black Moon Project, and you refer her you will receive a 25% reward for shining a light on our circle. That's it. Let Sarah know by providing her with the name and email of the goddess and your reward will be issued. 

If you're looking for more and a certification for mentoring others..

Mazey Lotus also serves as an Ambassador to the world's largest integrative wellness school based out of Manhattan, but offering an all online education and lifestyle transformation. It helped her to start a movement and heal her life. We learn about lifestyle, advanced medicine modalities, nutrition, self care, yoga, movement, that energy and community in a brand new way. We're guided to care for ourselves so we can shine a light on the path for others to do the same. The wheel of life, primary food, the Mazey Lotus family, teachers, school, education, experience, connection have been a game changer for us and in a sea of opportunity helped us stand out. Through the community we heal ourselves to heal the world.

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