Integrative Wellness Community

For our Ambassadors and those in need of healing. Step into your power. Find your direction. Open your chakras and live in alignment. 

-The Mazey Lotus e-book, which includes: Guidance in Ayurveda & Aromatherapy, Self Love, Self Worth, Crystal Healing, Rituals, Mindful eating, Journaling, guidance on autoimmune, toxins, recovery and more

-Coursework on developing a positive relationship with food, relationships, transformation, developing uplifting habits and exiting self sabotage  

-Live and archived webinars on topics such as Self Worth, Movement and Emotion, Toxins, Aromatherapy and more

-Group mentoring in holistic lifestyle practices such as, nutrition, yoga (all forms), meditations as part of your membership to our online community filled with an array of monthly events, live webinars, resources, specialists, healers, personal trainers, nutritionists, functional medicine experts, yoga teachers, health professionals, culinary experts, and holistic practitioners

-Boutique holistic wellness inclusive with whole foods, super foods, extensive meal plan guides, nutrition tailored to your needs, recipes, cooking shows, detox guides and food love galore

-Ask us about our FREE kids program!

-Accountability, Community with 24/7 global support, that tribe vibe and more

-Annual Retreats, next TBA for 2018

Side effects may include: 
that glowpositivity, muscle gain, weight loss, shining skin & hair, strong nails, more glamour, increased confidence, decreased cravings, anti-aging, stress relief, education, detoxing, more energy, decreased belly fat & bloating, more balance, stamina, a sense of community, belonging and so much more.

We are confident that as part of our ever evolving community we can guide you closer to your inner goddess.  We are a loving community, connected and caring. Don't hesitate to come to us with questions to know more. 

A whole foods package gets you started, higher's your vibes and then we can begin diving deeper.