Awaken Your Goddess Within

Annual Membership to our 2018 Goddess Project is now available! We're opening the gates of our Goddess Project to a new circle of sisters starting January 1st 2018.

Remember the ancients, your truth, the way we were and dive deeper into the divine feminine. Return to yourself, to serenity. 

Join our circle of goddesses in a members only community with monthly material delivered to your inbox with love to guide you on the path of the goddess, the divine feminine and your inner light, 1:1 guidance in a secret online group for members only and a circle around you always passing on an energy to support you on your path🥀

As annual members to our 2018 Goddess Project you will receive:

  • Monthly material written by Sarah K Grundy, healer, creatrix, writer, sea goddess, wood nymph and moon maven to guide us on the path to our primal selves, our natural state, our soul fires, to the goddess within
  • Monthly education of the goddesses of the past
  • New Practices each month that will bring you to the deep well of energy for the journey ahead, including meditations, Ayurveda, crystals, nutrition, purification practices, yoga, movement, music, art, advanced medical modalities, healing and moon rituals 
  • Sacred online space for members only 
  • Intuitively selected Crystals from our Sacred Shop 

Our 2017 Goddess Project members have seen: 

  • An awakened purpose from deep within
  • Renewal and rediscovery of their gifts
  • Empowerment, direction, their truth, feeling of being restored
  • Learning to heal others by healing themselves
  • Love, healthier relationships
  • Recovery from illnesses and addictions
  • That glow thingpositivity, muscle gain, weight loss, shining skin & hair, strong nails, more beauty, increased confidence, decreased cravings, anti-aging, stress relief
  • Education (some have gone on to study and become ambassadors with our community)
  • Purification, detoxification, more energy, decreased belly fat & bloating, more balance, and stamina
  • A sense of community, belonging, and so much more

We've been weaving our golden thread of magic behind the scenes. Our offerings have evolved from our 2017 Goddess Project and we look forward to gathering with you for the journey ahead. 

I truly look forward to connecting more and walking alongside you on the path of the Goddess.

Click below to purchase your annual membership at special Early Bird pricing. (through November).