Our Limited Edition Mermaid Package for the love of sun, surf and healing has arrived! We wanted to encapsulate the rays of the sun, the mist of the sea and the sand in our toes. We are real mermaids here at Mazey Lotus and this one came straight from the heart to bring you there too.  Summer is for sinking in and feeling free in our skins and fins.

Our community offers an online hub available to anyone worldwide. A holistic program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.

Free coaching through the course of the program and free better than organic, non-gmo, potent whole foods for a child in your family. We'll take care of your nutrition, your mindset and your fitness. Nearly a $400. Value Totally Free to you!

Your requirements: Devote yourself to finding your inner mermaid for a minimum of four months with me as your one on one coach. Select your favorite workout and commit to it, our whole foods nutrition and foods from our shopping list. We also suggest a journal, but that's optional. That's it! (See exclusive upgrade option for a much deeper experience)

Having FUN is the most important part! We're mermaids, designed to play and shine! Don't forget, you can always bring a friend and indulge in our two for one deal with the mermaid project. 

All mermaids will be graced with their very own Mazey Lotus Mala designed with your spirit in mind, me a soon to be certified holistic wellness coach to guide you every step of the way one on one. The Miracle Morning Workbook and the Lunar Abundance Moon Phase calendar to guide your intuitions straight for your very own pot of gold. 

Let's get swimming beauties. This secret community has been waiting for you.

Exclusive Upgrade Option: AROMATHERAPY and AYURVEDA Ask Sarah about the upgrade options during your call. 

I'm an open book. Don't hesitate to ask questions.


Need to go even deeper into the sea?