Sarah K. Grundy, founder of Mazey Lotus which brought our Goddess Project Wellness Program and Black Moon Project, Author of The Mazey Lotus Love Letters, Integrative Wellness School Ambassador, Certified Holistic Health Mentor, Clinical Oncology Researcher, Scientist, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral and Yoga student, Writer and Artist had a vision to bring a global network of healers together. Health professionals, Practitioners, Nutrition experts, Culinary Experts, Fitness Trainers, Reiki Healers, Shamans, Yoga Teachers, Crystal Healers and more are now all under one global online umbrella. A team of us have gathered in one space to bring Holistic Health, Fitness and Wealth to a new level. She's traveled and studied extensively. Her higher education began at MaryMount Manhattan College, led her to the University of Pennsylvania and the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. She guides others in the art of transformation, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and beyond both in their health and wealth. 

Sarah's journey from illness to wellness gives heart to her practice. Trained in medicine, clinical research, surgery, psychology, writing, yoga, advanced medicine and holistic healing she leads with an individualized approach that looks at the whole person, surroundings and energies around those non verbal cues. Since a small child, Sarah's intuition has been her gift. 

As a mother of twins, family health takes center stage, but women's empowerment as a whole. Her experience with her own illness, her daughters and her communities have taught her the power of lifestyle and what it takes to be healthy, wild and free. It led her to connect more deeply with nature on a sacred, divine level, study biodynamic craniosacral therapy, learn about energy, acupuncture, meditation, ayurveda, yoga, ashtanga, nutrition and primary food. 

"Go at a pace that allows you to move from the heart. The value of the subtler areas of life can be revealed in many ways. When we move, it sets off the cycle of happiness and higher vibrations. When we're still we can hear our inner truth. My love is to see us all living in a way that we were meant to live, from the heart, connected, full and to know that we can all heal." Sarah K Grundy 

You can view her story here,  YOU TUBE TRANSFORMATION STORY VIDEO