Sarah Grundy, founder of Mazey Lotus, Integrative Nutrition School Ambassador, Certified Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Business Coach, Clinical Oncology Researcher, Scientist, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral and yoga student, writer and artist had a vision to bring a global network of healers together; Health professionals, Practitioners, Nutrition experts, Culinary Experts, Fitness Trainers, Reiki Healers, Shamans, Yoga Teachers, Crystal Healers and more. That dream has since become a reality. A team of us have gathered in one space to bring Holistic Health, Fitness and Wealth to a new level. She's traveled and studied extensively. Her higher education began at MaryMount Manhattan College, led her to University of Pennsylvania and the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. She guides others in the art of transformation, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and beyond both in their health and wealth. 

Sarah's journey from illness to wellness gives heart to her coaching. Trained in medicine, clinical research, surgery, psychology, writing, yoga, advanced medicine and holistic healing she leads her mentoring with an individualized approach that looks at the whole person, surroundings and energies around those non verbal cues. 

As a mother of twins, family health takes center stage for her coaching practice, but also empowerment as a whole. Her experience with her own illness, her daughters and her partners have taught her the power of lifestyle and what it takes to be healthy and free. It led her to connect more deeply with nature on a simpler, intuitive level, study biodynamic craniosacral therapy, learn about energy, acupuncture, meditation, ayurveda, yoga, ashtanga, nutrition and primary food. "The value of the subtler areas of life can be revealed in many ways. When we move, it sets off the cycle of  happiness and higher vibrations. My goal is to get us all moving in a way that we were meant to move, from the heart and to know that we can all heal."

You can view her story here,  YOU TUBE TRANSFORMATION STORY VIDEO 

Written from Sarah herself, 

I've been a lot of things in this life. Once a college drop out, single mom to twins, who lost her daddy at a young age, to that awkard high school kid fighting for clarity, to now a thriving and succesful agent of change in the world of holistic health. 

I entered into my 30’s with an autoimmune disease, a daughter with Chiari, Syringomyelia & Scoliosis, in the dust of Manhattan’s 9-11 (literally in my teeth.) In debt and toxic stress, following an emergency C-section to bring the twins into the world, things took a turn for worse. It's true what they say, sometimes things have to get uglier before they can get prettier. It's the pattern of healing. I’ve since reclaimed my life, my body & my daughters with holistic health, avoided an invasive brain surgery for her and medications for me.

We are free. 

There was a time my throat would get so inflamed that I would hide from the world. My hormone imbalances were crippling and created both emotional and psychological problems. My daughter could not live a normal life because of her disability. How did we make it through? Taking care of ourselves needed to become OUR #1 PRIORITY! Health can be simple with the right tools and a strong community! I started really investing in myself, my health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and reached out for help. NOW my dreams are coming true more and more each day and the twins are flourishing! I had to place real value on our bodies, minds and souls for us to survive and for us to get well. 

Once my family and I were empowered all I wanted to do was help others do the same! I began attracting those who had similar obstacles, those lacking a fulfilling life, moms struggling, women that were itching to take flight, dad's that had a vision and that’s when Mazey Lotus was born. My Grammy called me Mazey, and Lotus because I rose up despite all reason, just like my mother, did after my dad died and she was left with four small babies to raise alone due to a sudden tragedy. W

I sought out my first coach in an effort to reconnect with my dad during a particularly stressful time; I desperately wanted to surf on his board (The Pig.) You may have seen some of the photos on my social media. My first attempt happened when Lezele, my daughter had a relapse. You know when things are all crazy and you grasp onto whatever can to make you feel alive, even if it’s only for a little while? Well I was sick & tired of that thing being food, sex, or wine & I wanted to SURF on the board that my dad and his brothers once surfed on when things were innocent and pure; Before disaster took over.

I packed us up (Daddy Dean's board too) and we drove to Florida for a visit! However, I was too weak to even stand up on the board! That’s when I found my coach and decided to really start dedicating time and resources to my growth and development, which immediately began trickling down to my daughters lives. My coach is this power house rags to riches, former chubby girl to ripped girl story. She turned her body & life into what she’d always wanted. I wanted that too. I had no idea that this one step would take me into the world I’m in now. I’m still training to surf and I won't ever stop, BUT what I found was so much deeper than even the sea; I found me and my tribe, as well as a thriving future for myself and my family.

The twins and I have been able to travel, while I build my dream, virtually school them, and work from anywhere.  All three of us are healing more and more each day. I wish I could say it was one pill, or one thing, one degree, but it's not- it takes more than that, but it's so WORTH IT. We feel courageous, supported, lively and happy.  What at first seemed impossible we now know is possible one step at a time. 

Can’t wait to take you all with me! I love you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m an open book.

Sarah xo