Mazey Lotus's Sacred Shop: Crystals and other favorite sacred's of our Goddess Project and The Black Moon

Coming January 2018. 

Sarah has had a deep, intuitive connection to the natural world, crystals, herbs and other aids of divine assistance ever since she was a small child. For the last decade, she has traveled the world, meeting goddesses from areas like New Zealand and Canada who had such a special energy in their crystals and other natural aids. She has since opened her own shop with all of her favorites that she has found most powerful in guiding her on her path and in her program. Ask for an intuitive selection made by Sarah, or choose the one that calls out to you. There are specific crystal selections being made for The Black Moon, so keep an eye out. 

We look forward to bringing more light into your life with the gifts of nature.

Click Below for a preview of what's to come.