One of our greatest super powers can be found in the circle of women that's gathered around the movement of getting to our highest and intuitive selves. Mazey Lotus was born out of the passion to never stop until we've found her. 

It was a team of empowered women that formed Mazey Lotus. It was an energy that when brought together became a movement and now we're able to share all of that with all of you. It's been about two years since we began the efforts to bring you something that could change your physical and spiritual life for the better. We want you to meet the divine version of yourself and we're here to guide you to that! We're both a qualified team, educated, certified and experienced, but also deeply connected to the world of healing and that which can't be found anywhere besides deep within. 

We've held ourselves to the highest standards to ensure everyone gets to live the life they love. Mazey Lotus provides affordable, highly accessible resources related to the promotion of happiness, high vibration energy and positivity with a particular focus on upgrading your current lifestyle. We build a tribe around you and give you that feeling of being in the womb while you make brave choices for yourself.

Building a healthy relationship within you and with the world around you can make all things possible. We infuse our online mentoring program with yoga, healing modalities, meditation, fitness, self love, nutrition, energy healing, crystals, emotional support, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, beauty, strength training, spirituality, personal development and all the essentials of a life worth living.