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"When you own my books you enter an island of sea goddesses from across the world; I love to reward you with high vibe fashion, a unique perspective, deep dive education, an empowered energy, elixirs, specialty referrals and connections, regular check ins, gifted 1:1 consults with me (a certified IIN coach, seasoned and spiced holistic health and fitness guru) and so much more." Mazeylotus

For the last decade relationships, experiences, transformations and bonds have bloomed with those close to our hearts across land and sea that bring an energy to the island of goddesses amidst the Mazeylotus books and 1:1 intuitive connection with Mazeylotus that grows more and more throughout the year.

Partnerships have blossomed to further raise the vibrations in our community. While sharing education and the many experiences of Mazeylotus and the Goddesses at Sea that come together to journey, we'll connect you with the highest vibes from around the world. In the Mazeylotus books and on the island of goddesses that connect with it, you'll enter a land of fashion, design, fitness, colors, ancient education, textures, minerals, discipline, gems, muscle tone, salty seas, mystics, surfing, fabrics, sensations, tonics, empowering stories (some told from lost scrolls), sports gear, surf gear and so much more... The list won't stop growing. It's taken on a life of its own. Peruse some of our loves below: