New Ambassador Program

 Click the Image above to be Added to the Waitlist

Click the Image above to be Added to the Waitlist

Work with Mazeylotus. I'm Accepting Applications.

2 Opportunities Opening Soon: 

  1. Social Media Interns! Please inquire for more details. I'm looking for someone with a technical flair to assist our social media team led by Anna James. Things such as algorithms and getting those little shopping bags onto our new posts for @mazeylotuswomens 
  2. 10 new Talent Acquisition Consultants: We're building out teams in Los Angeles and East Coast. Requires that energy to connect with others as you will be hiring people in a variety of fields (Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Production, Managers, Directors etc.) Confidence, a strong work ethic and teachability will help you here. A new virtualization initiative to empower moms back into the workforce, bolster the economy and bring women greater financial security and upward mobility. You must be ambitious, a self starter, focused, energetic and have a positive attitude. 

To Express Interest: 

  1. Submit your email onto the 2019 Waitlist to be the first to hear when we officially begin
  2. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn. See button below and let her know while also submitting your resume at Include: Any information on your experience in tech or staffing (not necessary), your experience with working virtually in the past and your MAIN DESIRE that sparked your interest
  3. When invited: Take a brief assessment.
  4. Schedule a phone interview.