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NEW⌇Coming in 2019

A sea culture inspired health and fitness book series

Individually tailored with women in mind mineral based protocol and holistic fitness because, "the cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea," Isak Dinesen. Core strength and balance will be a major focus, as well as all things sea culture to take the island vibe with you wherever you go. 


"When you read my books you enter an island of sea goddesses from across the world; I love to reward you with high vibe fashion, a unique perspective, deep dive education, an empowered energy, elixirs, specialty referrals and connections, regular check ins, gifted 1:1 consults with me (a certified IIN coach, seasoned and spiced holistic health and fitness guru) and so much more." Mazeylotus

"Did you know Mazeylotus was born originally because I wanted to surf on my late fathers vintage surf board and realized how strong I'd need to be to do so? It unearthed a much larger mission, which has taken on a life of its own. Billabong was the very first brand that inspired me and just like surfing, it became so much more than wetsuits. Billabong was founded on Australia's Gold Coast in 1973 by surfer and surfboard shaper Gordon Merchant and his then partner, Rena. That's the very same city where Mazeylotus was born. Those early days were rather inauspicious for Billabong, with the pair designing boardshorts at home, cutting them out on the kitchen table and then carting the finished product around to the local surf shop to sell.From these humble beginnings, Billabong was born. Billabong Women’s came later and revived it under the leadership of Launa Inman.

They embody a spirit I hold near and dear to my heart. In honor of my long time love affair with Billabong and the sustainability of ocean resources stay tuned for our Billabong inspired ebook series, which will be part of our 2019 membership. Uniquely crafted to invoke and educate your salt life, health, fitness, fashion, beauty, recovery, fountain of youth, skin health and that eternal vibe in us all waiting to rise like the waves."

All proceeds for our first release will be donated towards our most powerful life resource, the ocean. Donation allocations TBA. Join us for #PLASTICFREEJULY on instragram @plasticfreejuly See our IG below.

If you have an obsession for surfing, salt life and that surfer girl vibe get on the list below to swim with the goddesses at sea in 2019 #GoddessesAtSea

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