We're here to lift the vibes. "No man is an island" says my Grammy. We've deeply connected to those aligned with our core purpose.

Entering into deep magic from around the world lifts us to higher ground. Let's surround ourselves with romantic enchantment, empowerment, lost scrolls, high energy bohemian fashion and foods, minimal design, healing, outdoor adventure, colors, ancient/sacred education, textures, minerals, discipline, gems, muscle tone, gear, salty seas, mystics, surfing, fabrics, sensations, tonics, empowering stories, sea culture and so much more...

Peruse some of our loves below and learn more intimately about them in our Goddess Project.

The Mazeylotus Goddess Project embarks on Relationship Empowerment with Ara C. Campbell in October and Inner Priestess Awakening in November. The gracefully facilitated courses compliment our book series beautifully along with the Astro Forecast and highly intuitive card readings and natal charts. When you join alongside our Goddess Project you'll receive healing adornments as a gift from me and a deeply woven connection.

Energetic gems from a gifted Australian designer. All crystals discussed in the books, displayed in the shop and seen adorning our goddess project girls from across the world have been gracing us from the very beginning. Available to Goddess Project Members at special pricing. 

There's a deep inner knowing in our souls and yet so many questions along the path. The daily Astro Forecast (left image) and Card Readings (right image) offer a guidance and insight into that intuition. 

Nourish, increase energy, flexibility, skin health and more. One of our favorite whole foods free for kids above.

In our books you'll read about those who've enriched our flow, influenced, guided, protected and supported our journey. Some of our favorite and most discussed nature warriors and true lovers from around the world can be explored above. Healing and high vibration energies, gear, accessories, tonics, outdoor exploring, surfing, fashion and more of what makes us who we are lives in the purpose of a growing number of individuals ⌇They're a part of us. We love them for what they do for us and for what they do for the planet. If you feel you align with the Mazeylotus heart and soul feel free to connect, we're always looking to amplify.