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Giveaways: Nicole Burron 7Virtues ShopEarthHero

Ancient nutrition influencer Retreat this weekend. Traacker and created a folder on IG so I can stalk them.

Content calendar, May and June updates - take a look at the 4th and add ideas

Ulta - brand color care specialists (See Below)

Pending Info: List of Men for Collab

Master classes - Michael,
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National Geographic Affinity

Ara: Full Moon Mantra for May.

The Blog by Philly Style Editor

And added as one of her faves in a 2nd blog write up The Other Blog

Chat on Blog thoughts and if I can be of further assistance (older note)

Coconut Bowls: updates, can I help? (older note)

PR Stuff

Tori Overmyer: Ulta, Sephora + Whole Foods

Click the image to see her IG.

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We have existing relationship. She has tried, loves and shared about our products.

Crystal Sanchez: Ulta, Sephora, Whole Foods

41K Audience

73 Reach

44 Resonance (she doesn’t post everyday, but her audience loves her!)

She’s a hardcore vegan, LOVES our color care and the eco friendly packaging.