Hey Seed fam, Click below to see updated PDF with notable activity that may be of interest.

1.      Take a snapshot (with your phone of the actual post, story, or a photo that you feel really represents their powers.)

2.      Drag and drop (onto PowerPoint, Google Doc, or Word Doc whichever you prefer. Use what you’re comfortable with but I gave Powerpoint a chance and it’s actually very simple. I use two features “Insert: Word Art” for text “Arrange” to bring things from front to back and the rest is drag and drop.)

3.      Document Traackr information  (affinity, R/R, demographic (US/Gender, as well as highlight who they are – include anything exciting like she’s a writer for, or editor for, or she’s making a film, or was a model for, or she wants to feature us in her event, or blog or otherwise…Anything eye candy like that could indicate a potential opportunity for combining forces to drive the mission forward.

4.      Save as PDF


1. It’s fun and helps keep the momentum alive via excitement

2. It keeps us accountable. If it’s Tuesday and I don’t have anything to wow us on slide 1 - it lights a fire under me to make something bigger happen.

3. It helps to be sure we’re showing gratitude in how we respond to when the influencers are sharing stories, posting about us etc. That’s the energy exchange (vs. money)

4. It helps to keep track of our influencers

S xx