NEW⌇Coming in 2019 Goddesses At Sea: Book Series for High Vibration Living

If you loved our 2018 Goddess Project you will LOVE our 2019 Goddesses At Sea. Click the Image above to get on the Waitlist.

Mazeylotus dives deep into instinct. Art, culture, fashion, minimal design and the natural world inspire the books as well as Mazeylotus ever since she was a small child.

"When you own my books you enter an island of sea goddesses from across the world; I love to reward you with high vibe fashion, a unique perspective, deep dive education, an empowered energy, elixirs, specialty referrals and connections, regular check ins, gifted 1:1 consults with me (a certified IIN coach, seasoned and spiced holistic health and fitness guru) and so much more." Mazeylotus

  • Book Series comes inclusive with 1:1 IIN Certified Consultations

  • All materials easily accessible online through a password protected web page

  • Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga (Trainings, Mentorship + Education)

  • Intensive Goal Setting

  • Core Strength, Muscle Tone,  Balance and Flexibility

  • Group online journey with Ara C. Campbell and her Inner Priestess Awakening

  • Focus on Individuality, Alignment, Chakras and Energy Healing. We believe meditation brings abs out of hiding.

  • Mindset Mentorship

  • Clean Living, Detoxes, Cleanses, Ayurveda and Meditation. We love that Mental Kilter and have a large group of Recovery Warriors among us with a unique flavor.

  • Accountability

  • An empowered, high energy, supportive, nurturing global community 

  • Sovereignty and taking things at your own pace

  • Nurtured Solitude 

  • A circle of energy around you to empower your forward direction

  • Billabong Inspired book series for the woman relentless about taking the sea with her wherever she goes, seeking balance, core as well as overall physical strength and grounding. We'll explore the scrolls of the Sea Goddesses and there will also be editions dedicated to those who hear the call of the sea as well as may have a desire to empower their surf

More on that...

Blossoming your lotus in areas such as clearly defined goal setting along with an evolved 1:1 consultation process, fitness, purification, skin health, yoga + meditation practices, mindset, crystal healing, coursework, recovery and so much more. Let's see the outside reflect our glowing insides, adorn ourselves and raise the vibration, while continuing to evolve on the practices we learned in 2017 and 2018. Particular attention will be given to CORE strength, muscle tone, chakras, balance and that sea goddess surfer girl vibe. Let's step it up and carry the sea with us while we do.  Let's do this together, while we each are able to stay rooted. That's one of the beautiful parts of growing online, global community and connection; Some of the most powerful healing the Mazeylotus goddesses have seen has been on an abandoned island, in nurtured isolation. Energy knows no bounds. We're raising the vibration. It's a preparation to enter into your community. It will even help you know which circle you'd like to surround yourself with, purify your existing one and discover which directions you may want to go next all while having a positive energy surrounding you from all four corners.

"We all have the power to design, build, or rebuild the life and body we see ourselves in and we're here to guide you to believing it while providing you everything you may need to manifest it. We're here to RAISE UP THE VIBRATIONS and get to that place where we’re living life with the rich energy of the seas. We’re those firm foundation women who see life as a series of choices and WELL FED MAGIC." Mazeylotus will be here to serve as your accountability, a mirror to reflect you to you and a strong hearted sister with a diverse background to bring uniquely delivered education flooded with intuition and all sorts of 1:1 attention to facilitate your metamorphosis. Be ready to do what it takes to create the life you can’t stop thinking about and feel gently supported and enchanted in the process. We strive relentlessly towards serenity, awakening and our clearly defined goals. We’re into sovereignty and so a focus on taking these energies into your life on your time in your own way. A great part of Mazeylotus and the goddesses healing took place on isolated islands. We call it nurtured solitude.

Mazeylotus found her inner goddess in a new light alongside Ara Campbell and Katie Fields. "It's part of the reason I'm starting our program with Ara's course in November. Ara talks about 'finding our unique medicine' says Mazey "I've began bringing my medicine to myself, my loved ones and now the world. Prioritizing what may seem small at first like regularly well sustained fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, detoxification, recovery, that loving relationship with self opens doors for us that may have seemed locked. Each person will have a unique path to discover and that's why I'm here to serve as a guide and mirror to strategically reflect back to you what's needed for you to find your way. I see some downplaying our PHYSICALITY, yet it has its foundations in how well we take care of ourselves. That comes first in my life, in my home and in my practice. It's what I teach my twins and all of you. It sets the foundation for how gracefully we enter a room, our magnetism, seeing our goals manifest, how we show up for our family, our career, our art, our lovers and our purpose. What's more important than living that full joy life? My goal is to inspire, educate and mentor on how to love the subtle parts of what makes us strong, beautiful and disciplined in the practices that deliver us a life well lived." Mazeylotus

Join us for 2018 in our goddess project, read a bit about some of our partners (middle) and check out our new boho fashion and energy healing vibes below.