⎈NEW Goddesses At Sea Program Coming Soon⎈

Living life with the rich energy of the seas and donating the proceeds to ocean conservation.

Billabong inspired book series for the wild water woman who takes the sea with her wherever she goes. Let's bring playfulness, adventure in nature, joy, relaxation, pleasure, and discovery into constant motion as we set our sacral chakra free. "Dance First. Think Later. It's the natural order." Samuel Beckett

We'll dance while reading the scrolls of the Sea Goddesses. Sing the song of the ocean and learn to flow like water. Goddesses At Sea will put that yummy foundation we nurtured in the Goddess Project to good use and enchant us into fluidity.

We’re skinny dipping in the milky medicine of constant fluid motion, warm breath and bringing in the masters of the reef. I've created something brand new and designed it to tickle you to belly good laughter. Particular attention will be given to sacral energies, relaxation, harmony, tummy love, exhilaration, and fluidity from wherever we are now. "We'll learn to be like water."  ~Mazeylotus

This May Be For You If The Below Chimes Your Bells: 

  • Persistent lower back pain

  • Find yourself in controlling and unhealthy relationships

  • Body shaming

  • The desire to discover what you really love

  • Need more resilience

  • Tension and stress kind of feels a bit much 

  • Arthritis or the creaky signs of it in your ligaments and joints

  • Sexual health obstacles

  • Addiction to substances or people

  • You feel like you need to just let go and surrender already

  • Hip tightness

  • Lacking in confidence 

  • Fear of abandonment and other fearfulness and worry

  • Financial or physical struggles

  • Struggle with intimate connections

  • Infertility or issues with low libido and/or orgasms

  • Lack motivation and sense a chronic energy drain 

  • Lower abdomen weakness

  • Poor digestion

  • Resistance to change and rigidity 

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