Love Scrolls brought to you by Goddesses At Sea

α ¢συяѕє ƒσя яσαмιηg тнє ωιℓ∂ѕ σƒ ℓσνє

Lost love scrolls found at sea.Timeless and echoed from the heart, written by Sarah K. Grundy while she toured the world’s islands, swimming with dolphins and the depths of her own wild love.

Come with us on an adventure.

Let’s learn to be like water.

“At the heart of everything in life is our power to ᏝᎧᏉᏋ ♒︎ Ourselves, each other, the sea + sand between our toes, and sky above.

That’s what we’re nurturing in this space. I love you.” -Sarah xoxo

All of us are craving the dive into the wilds of love to be filled with sensuality, magic, frolicking..friendship, truth and just all the good stuff! It feels like we lost the “scrolls” that guide us in our most elemental bonds and that’s what we’re here to bring home. It’s our hope that our course will begin us on the path to mending those connections within ourselves and with others.

You will be surrounded by other women and men in a private access website as well guides along the way.

We’re so excited to bring this to all who resonate, may have lost their way in love and are into the energy of a group hug rather than filling up jars of hearts…

This may be for you:

  • If you are looking to cleanse yourself of past lovers

  • Feel you may be experiencing karmic relationship patterns

  • If you desire to find more flow in love and sensuality

  • If you are open to Self Love and Self Worth exercises

  • If the mystical idea of soul mates, destiny and twin flames entices you

  • If you would like to glow of love + the sea

What you will get:

  • Exclusive private password protected website access to Salty Divine (where the Love Scrolls and community live) - accessible to members only

  • A community of women and men around you on the same adventure and of like minds

  • A circle of strong sisters and brothers around you encouraging your journey and delivering 1:1 attention - you are not alone

  • Visualizations, mantras, affirmations and meditations

  • Mineral based protocol for health, healing, abundance and true love (Bundle Pack)

  • An enticing, simple and fun education with integration on body energy that frees your wild self (2nd - 5th Chakra with an emphasis on 3rd as it connects to our hearts)

  • A surprise gift intuitively selected just for you at the end of the course

Get on the Early Bird List below to be the first to hear more as it develops and when enrollment opens, or send us your application early to lock it in. Stay salty + divine⎈

We love you!

-Sarah and The Mazeylotus goddesses at sea, xo