⌇The Time is Now, Goddess.

Within this sacred space lives a powerful and divine energy⌇A program full of magic to awaken the goddess within. This journey of unfolding sparks our wild intrinsic nature.

With adoration for our every fiber and breath we begin to recognize ourselves, and our worth. Working with the darkness and the light within begins the ripple effect. We begin releasing what no longer serves us, connecting with the earth and her medicine, which is really what we crave and the relationship we're looking to mend. It was our first and it is the foundation. 

setting a foundation

unique healing methods

increasing energy and beauty

calling back our powers

primal feminine energy

one of a kind training

breaking through barriers

raw and in nature

It's time to come home to ourselves

In our Goddess Project we set a foundation and take back our strength. In this monthly journey led by Sarah K. Grundy (we call her Mazey and you can too) you'll be empowering and nurturing subtle layers of your inner and outer world. The impact arrives the moment you decide. You can begin in any month and take the material at your own pace. Mazey will be close by your side. 

When women come together the universe feels it. We're craving that connection with the earth and with each other. Self worth, self adoration and meaningful rituals bring us back to ourselves. 

A wild woman is in relationship with nature. She is the source of all your primal desires, and she is the wild whipping wind that uproots the poisonous corn stalks on your neatly tilled farm. She will plant pear trees in the wake of your disaster. She will see to it that you shall rise again.

 art by: hannah adamaszek

art by: hannah adamaszek

These times call for skinny dipping deep into enchanting education and timeless, intoxicating practices.

We're being called to embrace our own inner healing processes, increase energy, sharpen visions and obliques. We believe in a strong body to carry our majestic spirit and we go after it like we were born to do, raw and in nature. We begin with the root, the seat of our energy and a conduit to the other areas of the body.

 bohemian diesel

bohemian diesel

Sinking softly into our lotus flower, our seat surrounded by plush petals comforting us, we begin the journey home. We'll get secure in who we are and nourish her, while surrounded by love, support and a structure designed to open you up to your inner alchemy. Joshua Rosenthal taught us about 'Primary Food' and we ascribe to that philosophy. We nourish ourselves with the electricity of life, our surroundings, the earth, walking barefoot, honoring the earth gracefully, sweating daily, reading from ancient scrolls; We're in those times. We ground all that yummy energy and take it with us wherever we go. 

Gathering reunites us and sparks our remembrance. We've been divided and broken up in pieces long enough.

Stories filled with a time rich in integrity, triumph, royalty, battles won and a life well lived restore us to the core. It's time for us to rediscover our power and live from our primal instincts. The monthly books in the goddess project include stories of the queens from the past while reflecting to those in the present igniting a healing energy and inspiration. Crafted in a unique light by the sea, a salty mist can still be felt on the ‘ancient scrolls’ and in our souls. 

 art by: hannah adamaszek

art by: hannah adamaszek

Included in the goddess project: 

  • One on one consultations with Sarah. A strong bond, mirroring, intuitive support, expertise on health (but you are the expert on your health so she will be there to reflect that for you), lifestyle, nutrition, relationships, yoga, how to use your own body weight to increase muscle tone and so much more. Their is profound value in that connection you will grow with her from afar. Staying connected throughout the year, each month a renewed intention and manifesting actions has great value. She has given herself over fully and has many gifts to facilitate your progress.

  • A unique goddess book for each month of 2018 to inspire and activate your healing journey All program materials easily accessible online through a password protected web page for members only. You will have lifetime access, can take it at your own pace and begin in any month you choose. "Go at a pace that allows you to flow from the heart." ~Mazeylotus

  • New boutique practices each month that you won't find anywhere else to bring restoration, grounding, strength, empowerment, muscle tone, health, happiness, balance, sensuality and beauty.  Restore your zest for life, recover, increase your confidence, connect with nature in a myriad of ways, grow a firm sustainable foundation, have tons of energy, feel better, build core strength to help your back out, learn to fall in love with discipline, increase flexibility, accountability, physicality, sexuality, flow and so much more. 

  • Goddess Lore and Legends of Venus, Ixchel, Aphrodite, Ereshkigal, Athena, Morrigan, Gaia, rare Egyptian goddesses, Isis, Sekhmet and so many more throughout the year enter our gates

Your Guide on this journey⌇

Sarah K. Grundy, Mazeylotus

Nature-loving alchemist, creator, writer, sea goddess, wood nymph, priestess and moon maven to guide us on the path to our primal selves, our natural state, our soul fires, to the goddess within and our high vibes. Ancient in her depth of knowledge both from extensive study, certifications, degrees and deep personal exploration, Mazey, as we call her, takes us on the adventure to remembering ourselves. A path she calls, "nurtured solitude" has so much waiting for us. Let's nurture our foundation. In our Goddess Project we'll begin with the root and then set sail.

You will also be supported by:

  • 12 program books plus 4 additional guides and One on One Consultations. 2 courses to participate in with other goddess project members in October and November (optional.) 

  • You can join when it works best for you! Begin in any month, go at your own pace and even read the books in any order you choose. They are universal brilliance.

  • For 2018 we focus on healing the Root Chakra. In 2019 we will more fully embrace the Sacral Chakra with Goddesses At Sea, but all of our energy centers and areas of the body, mind and spirit will be discussed by the end of the year, in depth, creatively and in a unique light

  • Better form in movement, more grace, taking our time, a lifted life, increased balance, function, endurance and harmony. Even getting up in the morning can be a brand new experience. 

  • Part of what prompted Sarah to create this program was her need to find a unique way to battle through, or around illness to wellness to then building a strong body. For her it's was a matter of riding the waves, climbing the mountain, running the trail, traveling to high altitudes to get to that distant waterfall and living without so many limits. Hence the goddess project was born. An evolved method of getting to your best self so you can live your best life.

  • Goddess and moon rituals according to the phases and current energies, minerals, crystal healing, Reiki, and working with their properties to lift the vibrations, bring mental, emotional and physical recovery to another level

  • Meditation, connecting with nature and diving deep into our subtle layers brings our abs out of hiding. (It's actually not the kitchen afterall). Designed to be implemented into your daily life simply, sustainably and in an enticing, individualized manner. 

  • An intuitive guide to a meditative internal dialogue to embody your inner goddess

  • Sovereignty and taking things at your own pace

  • Guided and Nurtured Solitude

  • Nutrition and Ayurveda, recipes and delicious food are just who we are while nourishment for mind body and soul, clean living, detoxes, fasting principals, and seasonal insights uplift your vibes

  • A unique education on advanced medical modalities and simplistic, yet scientific healing methods

  • Group online journey with Ara C. Campbell and her Inner Priestess Awakening and Relationship Empowerment (Not included in price) and gathering with an empowered, high energy, supportive, nurturing global community with a prep book from Mazeylotus 

  • Goddess Rituals Book made in partnership with Katie Fields, Shaman, Reiki Master, Crystal Intuitive and Crystal Programmer in Australia

  • Exclusives with our electric partners from across the globe, Meet our other Loves here!

Read the Reviews and Testimonials Below!

"Finally, the body-mind connection is coming together after reading month one with you!" -E

“Today is my 5th day of yoga and 10th day of my cleanse. I actually had the energy and motivation to get up and do this in the snow! Joining this group was the best decision I've made in awhile!! I'm so happy that I don't have to go on this journey alone I have you beautiful goddesses with me and I'm so excited for the future but I'm loving the present. I have so much more energy and I'm even seeing changes in my skin.” -E.B

“Thank you so much for all your courage and support and love that you’ve given to me.You and the goddess project are truly the reason my life I has changed so much! I love you.” -A.

"I don’t even know where to start.... the love and guidance that you’ve shown me the last two years have been nothing short of a miracle. When you first crossed my path I instantly knew that I wanted to know everything that was inside of your head. Your energy and presence sparked this fire deep down dark within, I felt something I had never felt before... I felt hope. For the first time... well since I can remember right now... I felt like I had a chance at true happiness and discovering who i really truly was. Every time we spoke a piece my fortress fell away and the embers of my soul started to grow. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for believing in my potential. Thank you for your love. And most of all... thank you for never giving up on me, even when I gave up myself! I love you." -A.W.

"You've changed my life with your drive and inspiration, and for the first time since before I can remember I know what it's like to experience real true love and not from anyone else but from myself. If it wasn't for you and the Goddess Project I wouldn't be in the position I am to grasp my dreams. Thank you for your guidance and just thank you for being the amazing beautiful wonderful soul you are." L.W.

"My temple is my body. My world around me my altar. My words are spells. Every thought an intention. My actions rituals. To manifest all that will be. I am sacred. I am divine." ~Ara C. Campbell

Join the circle of sisters deeply connected to high vibration earth energy who are passionate about igniting it within others with words, creativity and a divine thread that connects us all. It is an honor to take this journey with you. 

The Program May Be For You If You Are:

  • Feeling a lack of security and support

  • Notice skeletal issues

  • Intestinal disorders

  • Reproductive struggles

  • Binge eating or overeating

  • Emotional issues

  • Hoarding tendencies

  • Sexual issues

  • Family or relationship trauma

  • Addiction

  • Need more grounding

  • Need mirroring and guidance to stay devoted to your healing and self nurturing practices

  • A desire to shed that which no longer serves you and ready to take back your power

  • Igniting your soul flames and inner strengths

  • Interested in learning more about living an alkaline life, gaining muscle, overcoming tricky illnesses and purifying your life

  • Rediscovering who you are and ready to feel empowered towards finding more of your purpose

  • Overcoming obstacles and past traumas or currently enduring painful situations

  • Need to increase your self worth

  • Feeling stuck

  • Looking for positive energy and a courageous circle of women reclaiming their voice

  • Working through, or have the desire to work through some of your darker sides, shadows, inner demons and thoughts

  • Craving the outside to reflect what you see on the inside, but facing obstacles

  • Lacking muscle tone

  • Excess belly fat and body fat (the kind that can lead to trouble down the line)

  • Stubborn weight gain

  • Looking for something more in your life and an increase in energy to live more of it

For a Limited Time Only $42.00 for Password Protected Access to the Complete Program plus One on One Consultation with Sarah are included in this price! Next 50 goddesses only!

All program materials easily accessible online through a password protected web page. You will have lifetime access, can take it at your own pace and begin in any month.