"When you own my books you enter an island of sea goddesses from across the world; I love to reward you with high vibe fashion, a unique perspective, deep dive education, an empowered energy, elixirs, specialty referrals and connections, regular check ins, gifted 1:1 consults with me (a certified IIN coach, seasoned and spiced holistic health and fitness guru) and so much more." Mazeylotus

Mazeylotus dives deep into instinct. Art, culture, fashion, minimal design and the natural world inspire the books as well as Mazeylotus ever since she was a small child.

One of our greatest super powers can be found in the circle of women that's gathered around the movement of getting to our most intuitive selves. Mazeylotus was born out of the passion to never stop until we've found her. The Mazeylotus Goddess Project includes uniquely crafted monthly books accessible via sign in on our website, cleanses and detoxes, guidance and mentoring, pricing exclusive to members only on yoga inspired fashion that delivers that high vibe, vintage jewelry - raw crystals, programmed bangles and free intuitive selections, Dirty Lemon beauty and mood boosting elixirs, and health, nutrition and fitness coaching from the best.  

The Mazeylotus books have been created with care, devotion and creativity by our goddess lost at sea. Our very own intuitive author, artist, certified and practiced integrative health maven, advanced medicine expert and devoted fitness lover, Mazeylotus hand crafts each months edition and these pages by the sea, while being guided by some of the world's most renowned mystics. Her books creatively ignite, inspire and come off the page into our lives. What she shares in the Mazeylotus books does not get shared anywhere else. Her powerful medicine is now being exclusively delivered through her books!

Some of what you will get:

  • 1:1 Consultations with a certified IIN coach, seasoned and spiced holistic health and fitness guru who stays connected with you which is when the healing happens
  • Specialized members exclusive pricing on a multitude of aids to the divine designed to guide your individual transformation such as reiki infused programmed raw crystal boho jewelry, sacred geometry and beauty elixirs
  • Beauty Secrets, Yoga, boutique lifestyle practices to higher your vibrations and tap into your magic, including goal setting, mindset, nutrition, advanced medicine, yoga, fitness, meditations, crystals, chakras, self worth and self nurturing practices, moon guidance, journaling, science, advanced medical modalities, recovery methods and more
  • An education filled with fire, integrity, adventure, the ancients, battles won and a life well lived
  • Uniquely crafted and intricately designed books each month will be uploaded onto the private access webpage filled with stories of the goddesses of the past to remind us what women are made of and breathe life into your aspirations inclusive with specialized education and original art work
  • Material tailored to nature's current rhythms; moon phase, season, Ayurveda and energies
  • Sovereignty and taking things at your own pace
  • Guided Nurtured Solitude
  • A circle of energy around you to empower your forward direction
  • Group online journey with Ara C. Campbell and relationship course + her Inner Priestess Awakening (not included in Goddess Project membership rate)

Our monthly ebooks may be for you if you are:

  • Craving the outside to reflect what you see on the inside
  • Looking for something more in your life and an increase in energy to live it
  • Looking for ways to alkaline, gain muscle, overcome tricky illnesses or purify your life
  • Looking to shed that which no longer serves you and ready to take back your power
  • Looking to ignite your soul flames and find more of your inner strengths
  • Rediscovering who you are and ready to feel empowered towards finding your purpose
  • Overcoming obstacles and past traumas, enduring painful situations, but ready to reclaim your self worth
  • Looking for positive energy, positive influence, and a courageous circle of women reclaiming their voice
  • Strengthening, or starting a yoga practice, fitness routine, high vibe food routine, healing practices and feel inspired to learn more
  • Interested in how women have triumphed in the past and how that could help you
  • Working through, or have the desire to work through some of your darker sides, shadows, inner demons and thoughts
  • Not wanting to do it alone and see the value in joining a circle of sisters with that high vibe energy who are passionate about passing it on
  • Looking for guidance and a sisterhood

Join the circle of sisters deeply connected to high vibration energy who are passionate about igniting it within others with words, creativity and a divine thread that connects us all. All aspects of our Goddess Project annual membership are designed to align you with your intuitive self, ignite your soul flame and reconnect you to the goddess within. It is an honor to take this journey with you. Reach out if you'd like to connect more,