⎈a novel inspired by life on the sea currently underway

Romantic Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Marine Biology, Seduction, Ecology, Culture, Imagination… I’m not sure of the title yet, but for now we’re calling it, “S a l t.” Follow @saltydivine on Instagram for a taste of the journey and read Chapter 1 below.

"I was lured to write this book for as long as I can remember. After being seduced by the ocean over the past few years, entranced in a love affair that seemed to bring all others into perspective and amidst a time rich in decoding mysteries, it came to life."  ~Sarah

A Clip from Chapter 2: Meet Morgan

Morgan sat with her legs bent in front of her as she sank deeper into the wet sand. The waves crashed into her naked back tugging on her frail cotton shorts. Her hair dripped salt water into her wild eyes and through the crack in her quivering blood red lips. She felt it in that moment as the sea air penetrated her clenched lungs, it would be only his memory now.

"He was just a ghost," she lied whimpering to herself as a wash of memories sent her head arching back and her lungs gasping for air.

Moments of his warm knowing hands, silky full wet lips and aggressive hard body had left her. It was up to Morgan to make sure it was for good this time. The taste of her tears lacked all self-respect, yet she could still sense him inside of her, all around her and could hear him calling to her. Morgan felt her worth leave her body and her wounds return as she grew limp and melted into the shoreline.