Pulled Out to Sea 2: Adventure♒︎

The view from our last castle on the water after 2 years of traveling with the seas in their off season.

by Sarah K. Grundy

⎈Few things in life bring as much empowerment as adventure.

Adventure calls to you. It feeds your soul.

It awakens something deep within. It lights a fire in your heart.

These are the ultimate’s in self-care.

With adventure comes an intensity, a virility that will circulate into every area of your life. Blood flowing, pulse racing, sweat dripping, adrenaline assisting the need for speed, survival, or temperance. It regulates. It will depend on what corner you’re taking and how fast you’re going at the time, but adventure will feed the need.

When you are at the precipice, you may want to stop.

Do not stop.

Once the journey shows you how big life can be, going back to playing small is not an option, no matter how scary it gets you must go forward at whatever pace keeps you moving from the heart.

The deeper into your adventure you get the more you will gain, the more you will lose, the more you will see, the more you will live.

You will crave life. You will feel deeply how much you deserve living it fully. You develop instincts and a sharpness revealing how well you are designed for living life to the fullest. There's no turning back once you start the wheels of true living turning. You keep moving, terrified, excited, chanting to yourself, “movement is life, movement is life. I am powerful.” Even if looking backwards trips you, you do not give up.

You heal.

Your feelings of self worth increase.

You become more of who you were meant to be.

The adventure takes you closer to what you desire, to your destiny. The more intense it gets the less you will want to give up, and the less you will want to go backwards. That terrain simply will not be present any longer.

You have elevated.

You’re vibrating higher.

Tools become a life line; Self Care on Fleek, powerful gemstones from the deep sea, lost sea, mountains and all over the globe, deep inhales and exhales, fitness, tending to your depths & flames, stretching out the kinks, listening to your body, finding your magical powers, clearing away anyone and anything that may be stinking up your life or “sucking your blood,“ getting rid of liars and fake love, breathing in nature, meditation, high vibe food and liquid, using your voice, knowing your worth, advanced medical modalities and all the things you deserve become your greatest tools towards your next adventure and towards your destiny.

Adventure is here to remind you who the fuck you are and how much you deserve to live your life on your terms, free from harm, free from doing harm, free, taking no prisoners, and taking no shit. Before you know it - it all begins to get really big, somewhat fuzzy, buzzy and has officially grown a life and heartbeat of its own. You will not be able to stop this beautiful journey and neither can anyone else. It’s alive, powerful and yours to share with who you choose. No one will be able to take it from you, but they will try.

The signs and an undeniable force carry you to your adventure. You will find the hidden messages you seek in that journey.

What adventure causes us to gain and lose is important; Painful, enigmatically fucking gorgeous and agonizingly painful. Gaining clarity of self and purpose, truth and purity is a powerful love. It’s well worth fighting for, and well worth the adventure.

Image and Text COPYRIGHT ©August 2019 MAZEYLOTUS