△ Stay Dirty️ ▽࿊

by Sarah K. Grundy

Once upon a time we spent more time being dirty. Rx: Staying kissed by sea foam, which is composed of the softest, fluffiest kiss you ever did feel as well as dissolved organic matter (including proteins, lignins and lipids) derived from sources such as the offshore breakdown of algal blooms, seaweed, marine plant life and more. 

B12, which many of us suffer from a lack of, is bacteria; Found in Sea Foam and Dirt on our veggies between our toes and in our nose. 

Autoimmune set in deep for me while living in concrete jungles, amidst an intense amount of fancy cleanliness, glorified and chronic stress. It was sexy at the time and what made me a “powerful woman,” but took a toll.

Stay Dirty.

Sources: NOAA, Beach Connection, Live Science, Peaceful Dumpling

Image and Text COPYRIGHT © October 2018 MAZEYLOTUS