Phantoms in the Opera⎈

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by Sarah K. Grundy

I see you peeking at me through my window,  wondering if the light you see in me is real. A storm started at sea, placed me in proximity, to see why in shadows you hide. 

You took what was mine to give with your lies, and didn’t know true love shatters fake love, or that it’s in your heart the true distortion lies.

Words whispered through prison bars lose their charm. It’s over now, the music of the night.

Trust is a difficult thing, but trusting your heart is the riskiest path of all. In the end, the only person we can truly trust is ourselves, and when that is stolen from us, all that’s left is revenge.

This is not a story about happy endings.

⎈S A L T, the novel underway by Sarah K. Grundy

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