Betrayal: The Impostor⎈

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by Sarah K. Grundy

The scars left by the worst kind of betrayal are seen in a loss of your ability to trust yourself. You no longer know truth from lies, fact from fiction, or good from bad. It has been stolen from you. If you can find a way to forgive yourself, you may be able to return the pain that was never yours, take back your love and rebuild.

The betrayer is an impostor. They portray those meant to be in your life. The design of an impostor is to enter at your most powerful points, while caressing your weakest. Your humanity, love, tenderness, innocence, pleasure points, your keen feminine and masculine senses all become a gateway for the impostor.

When deception cuts this deep, it can take everything from you and all you have left is revenge.

This is not a story about happy endings.

⎈S A L T, the novel underway by Sarah K. Grundy

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