Haunted at Sea♒︎

by Sarah K. Grundy

When the wind blows you wash over me from wherever you are and touch me through the rays of the sun. When my heart calls out to you silently, shivering, you hear. That I can’t resist trusting.
If you’re going into the deep blue sea never to return, I’m going too.
If you’re slaying dragons, I’m getting my shield and sword.
When you’re cast out to where there are only the echoes of nature and souls, you’ll feel me with you and I will find you.

⎈S a l t ⎈
In our real world’s I believe each one of us is living out a deeply private love story. One with valley’s, ravines, dungeons, dragons 🐉 underworld’s, fiery passions and warfare. There are giant vines like the ones my family and I’d swing on as kids. (Tarzan + Jane are so hot.)
If we’re running from these love stories, we’ve been getting a very good workout.
Seemingly insurmountable mountains, hills, rocky trails and caverns for hiding when we may be under attack from ex lovers, or feel like we are from current ones.

None of love comes into focus with thoughts or common sense. It’s infuriating. 💛✨Love is the wildest jungle there is, and where the only magic we have lives safe and sound.💛✨ In order to keep writing my first book, besides listening to the voice of the ocean, I’m needing to follow the course of my own love story to even think of developing these characters. As suspected, it’s linked to absolutely everything else in life.

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