The Ocean teaches us Love♒︎

by Sarah K. Grundy

The ocean teaches us about love.

Breath and life pour into us without hesitation the instant we reach where the sea meets the shoreline.
The waves kiss our toes sending a chill up our spine, while extracting the pain from our wounds.
The sea hears us with a drenched, longing soul and wants to know all of our secrets.
Just when we begin to embrace the rush that comes from the ancient, salty medicine penetrating our DNA, ride the rhythm of the tides, the waves splash through us, cleansing us of unwanted ties.
If we’re lucky enough to make it back to shore, the faint whispers heard in a language all their own won’t soon be forgotten and before you know it, you’ll be back at sea again.

Image and Text COPYRIGHT ©April 2019 MAZEYLOTUS