The all seeing eye𓂀

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Break the pattern, Return home to this body to this breath.

by Sarah K. Grundy

I decided.

I will love anyway. I will keep saying, “I love you” to everyone I meet, until it reaches so many that the words are realized to be 3 of many that mean, I see you. I feel you. I believe in you. I cherish you. I respect you. I hold you close to my heart.

That is Humanity.

And yet those words are different than these. Yes, you may enter. You have my heart. I choose you. I am yours. You are mine. We are one. I will protect you. I feel safe. I honor you. It is only you. I trust you. I believe you. Yes, you may enter.

That is Becoming One.

Because, there is nothing casual about two people joining - bringing their lips together, where a little bit of their souls and hearts live. It creates a fire storm. A destiny. The bond is real. It is alive. It holds great powers of both darkness and light.

When we violate each other, the universe knows, with her all seeing eye. Her purification process breaks the pattern. You are protected by the universe.

That is a Law of Nature.

I love you. Love each other.

stay salty + divine, S xo

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