Power and Control


by Sarah K. Grundy

As women get more and more powerful (full of love, heart and soul), the need to learn how to protect ourselves becomes more important.

I’ve learned recently that empowered women, empower women, but are also vulnerable to those out there who are drawn to powerful women to serve their own purposes.

We don’t need anymore education on vulnerability at the moment, Brené Brown, and “Law of Attraction” you can suck it too, because beautiful women with loving hearts and giving souls attract predators in addition to the energy they are putting out. Vampires everywhere.

True fucking story.

It’s like @stacie.martin says, it won’t get easier, but we will become more difficult to disrupt. Stick together soul sisters & brothers- we are stronger that way.

Here is a piece I wrote on the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident for a Domestic Violence filmmaker in my NYC days: http://domesticviolencedoc.blogspot.com/2009/02/grammys-reveal-new-type-of-hit.html?m=1

Photo taken for @wmag w/ @badgalriri