♾There are messages in the breath between Lovers♾

by Sarah K. Grundy

It’s 1:11 am as she chokes on shock, trauma and tears, sending her into postures that resemble flames. Numerology calls to her at 3:33 am singing, “the masters are with you.” Maybe when she can feel again she will see. All that’s left is sharp pain and chronic rip tides resurrected from where she buried them, laced with daggers, thrashing through her heart and soul refusing to be ignored, this time.

Waves of nausea thicken as flashes of memories she can taste, smell and touch show no mercy, dragging her to a dark and now lonely place. She begs for it to stop and fears she’ll never escape, as the clock rings 4:44 am vibrating, “you are surrounded with a divine protection.” Maybe when she can feel again she will see.

With a blood line connection to the earth, her heart pounds with endless flames of fire as she remembers, when the sun rises, 2000 armed forces will be coming to remove the protective barrier created by her loved ones who are shielding the sanctity of her land. The blood splattered from an adjacent desecrated forest still stains her sheets and her blade’s warm to prove it.

The land being violated and her innocence exploited feel related, and as she turns the corner into a field of crows singing their song of death, endings and rebirth, the clock strikes 5:55 am, “trust in this grand transition, you are in the final stages of battle.” Maybe when she can feel again she will see.

The weight of the crimes happening in our intimate partnerships magnify in their impact because of what we’re facing in the world today. If we can’t trust and believe in the sweet kisses on our lips, while the world burns, the breath shared between two lovers as their hearts touch, while children cry, or the magnetism that draws us together, while the sea retaliates- what can we trust? What can we believe in?

Maybe when we can feel again we will see.

This is not a story about happy endings, S A L T

I love you, and I promise you can always trust my kisses. xo

Image and Text COPYRIGHT ©September 2019 MAZEYLOTUS