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Chasing the Sea♒︎

by Sarah K. Grundy

The energy of a wave during a storm equals 10,000 nuclear bombs.

The sea rules us. 

Its forces are so much bigger than us.

For the past three months, I've been unable to go in the ocean water. Even being near the sea caused me to become ill for days at a time. Outside my door, the cure-all aroma of salty sea air filling my lungs with rebirth, beautifying my face with its mist was replaced with a neuro-toxin coming from the oceans cry for help. 

There's so much left to discover about the ocean and its inhabitants. 

The sea brings us to another world.  

For many of us, the ocean and surrounding sands are our own private church, temple, or sacred space. 

For the past three years, I've witnessed pristine oceans, surrounding a multitude of small, remote, somewhat unheard of islands turn into sewage right before my eyes and the animals inside lay waste at the hands of preventable abuse.  The female character Morgan in my new book developed into a champion on the topic of marine biology and the state of our oceans, as a direct result of my experience and research that followed. It seems remote for many of us, yet the sea spreads across over 71% of the earth's surface, while we sit on a wee mass of under 30%. The ocean holds 97% of the earths water.

The salty sediments within the sea hold the story of our origins, as well as determine our trajectory.

Its outcome is ours for better, or for worse.

Containing coral reefs that hold our ability to exist in its salty hands, as well as cancer cures, it's not a situation where the ocean can die and we will survive. It just doesn't work like that.

The ocean will forever be intrinsic to our survival. 

Surrendering to it the only option. 

The big blue's force will always be greater and resisting her remains futile. 

Coral reefs, "the rainforest of the sea" or lungs of the earth can now be found as rotting skeleton and tissue. The rest glowing with an iridescent self-made radiant chemical sunscreen to protect themselves from their deteriorating environment. The most broken of our civilization can be found as we speak slaying whales and dolphins, the parts of the sea designed to nurture, protect and guide us.

Dave Rastovich, myself and countless other surfers have been rescued by dolphins from near drownings. After swimming and surfing with dolphins, feeling the deep echo vibration within from a whales song their majesty leaves no questions and honoring that is what makes us human. 

The transformation to restore has already begun and won't be stopped, but rather grow stronger like the tides.

The sea will do as it always does, reflect everything back to us, even our weakest link. 

Some say humanity is oblivious and although it's tempting to agree at times, I don't buy it. When we believe we are powerless, worthless and meaningless it directly impacts the way we live our lives, how we treat ourselves, others and the world around us.

That's why the ocean is dying.

It's mirroring the current status of our collective human spirit. 

It's our own existence we're struggling to feel worthy of currently.

After something challenging happens everything changes and within those layers of courage and fear lives something valuable. I see more people surrendering and shining their light. I believe in all of us to continue to lift ourselves to higher ground. 

The ocean that soothes our pain leaves a lasting memory.

It’s the moon and her cycles that create the daily advance and retreat of ocean waves.

The energy of the wave stops at the shoreline, after interacting deeply with the atmosphere to become a wave.

Go visit her in private, in silence to remember who you are and do one thing to protect her. Pick up any trash you see while you're spending time with the ocean, support her champions and those defending the precious life inside of her, replace single-use plastic with reusable materials, always consider what you discard and how, consider the ground you walk upon as holy and think for a moment about how you treat it, walk instead of drive, think of what you wear, sleep on and put inside your body, become a positive part of the solution rather than fueling negativity further, and keep the sea forever in your heart.

Carry the sea with you wherever you go.

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