Sarah will now be under the mentorship of pink amethyst energy filled, Dara Noble. You can find them growing, @seedphytonutrients Their souls came together as lovers of crystals, energy and aromatherapy. Together they are learning so much about how to be soldiers for the land and sea.

Passionate innovators leading the Sustainable Beauty world have started a new conversation and movement around highly effective hair and skin care with the world’s first shower friendly paper bottle. ♲ A small handful of determined L’oréal employees wanted to see greater change and that’s how Seed Phytonutrients was born on Earth Day 2018. It’s the furthest the industry has gone in their efforts to go greener.

We’re educating on the new vegan (except for beeswax in the lip balm), cruelty free high vibe hair and skin care line together @seedphytonutrients on instagram and at events across the country.

Get behind this crew all. Click below to join the movement and learn more. We’re happy to provide samples if you’re curious!

Stay salty + divine,
Sarah and The Mazeylotus goddesses