Goddess Project Ebooks

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Goddess Project Ebooks


⎈The Mazeylotus Goddess Project

One of a kind lifestyle ebook series featuring, The Goddess Circle, Dirty Lemon, Salt Store, Gaia Boheme, She Who Is, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Hartwood House

Unique ebook tailored for each month of the year. A path to simplistic health, fitness, healing and beauty. Goddess lore, meditation, yoga, fitness, crystals, chakras and lifestyle practices to guide you on the journey within.

With this purchase you will be sent a welcome letter, which includes the password to the website with the goddess books.

An unfolding of feminine layers. Education filled with fire, integrity, adventure, the ancients, battles won and a life well lived in uniquely crafted and intricately designed ebooks to guide you through the year. One for each month of the year.

Align with your most empowered self, heal, ignite your soul flames and reconnect to the goddess within.

We’re worthy of so much more and our Goddess Project brings an adventure to spark the inner flames of potential.

Thank you for joining the circle of sisters blossoming their lotus!

The password does not expire and you will have access to the sacred space filled with magic for as long as you choose.

The ebooks are crafted by Sarah K. Grundy, Institute for Integrative Nutrition Coach, Author and Adventurer.

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