Direct testimony:

  • A deeper mind-body connection

  • An awakened clarity or purpose

  • Increased confidence and embodiment of self worth

  • Renewal and rediscovery of gifts

  • Empowerment, direction, feeling of being restored

  • Learning to heal others by healing themselves

  • Love, healthier relationships and letting go

  • Hormone balance, thyroid and adrenals recovery, decreased symptoms from inflammation, knee and joint pains

  • Detoxification from substances such as alcohol, coffee and other addictions emotional and physical

  • Cystic Acne reduced, or eliminated

  • Cravings reduced, or eliminated

  • Recovery from illnesses such as autoimmune, injury, surgeries and addictions

  • More energy, decreased belly fat & bloating, more balance, and stamina

  • A more disciplined yoga and movement practice

  • Increased nutrition and better food choices

  • Less pain, or elimination of pain

  • A sense of community, belonging, finding their place and so much more

"Finally, the body-mind connection is coming together after reading month one with you!" -E

“Today is my 5th day of yoga and 10th day of my cleanse. I actually had the energy and motivation to get up and do this in the snow! Joining this group was the best decision I've made in awhile!! I'm so happy that I don't have to go on this journey alone I have you beautiful goddesses with me and I'm so excited for the future but I'm loving the present. I have so much more energy and I'm even seeing changes in my skin.” -E.B

“Thank you so much for all your courage and support and love that you’ve given to me.You and the goddess project are truly the reason my life I has changed so much! I love you.” -A.

"I don’t even know where to start.... the love and guidance that you’ve shown me the last two years have been nothing short of a miracle. When you first crossed my path I instantly knew that I wanted to know everything that was inside of your head. Your energy and presence sparked this fire deep down dark within, I felt something I had never felt before... I felt hope. For the first time... well since I can remember right now... I felt like I had a chance at true happiness and discovering who i really truly was. Every time we spoke a piece my fortress fell away and the embers of my soul started to grow. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for believing in my potential. Thank you for your love. And most of all... thank you for never giving up on me, even when I gave up myself! I love you." -A.W.

"Your writing inspired me to start a journal! I'm collecting crystals again and joined a yoga class. Finally! Thanks so much Goddess Project" -E

"You've changed my life with your drive and inspiration, and for the first time since before I can remember I know what it's like to experience real true love and not from anyone else but from myself. If it wasn't for you and the Goddess Project I wouldn't be in the position I am to grasp my dreams. Thank you for your guidance and just thank you for being the amazing beautiful wonderful soul you are." L.W.

"Always a truly beautiful read, leaving a very peaceful and strong lingering feeling. I love Anna and her card readings!" -K

"I am wanting to make this a sacred space for the feminine to flourish. So, now I am ready to release this excess weight and gain my strength back." -D

"You and your power and everything you are started something inside of me and now that I’m over this break up holy f***. I am a brand new woman. I’ve learned sooo much about myself since packing up and moving everything I knew to be true. I’ve always wanted to be a writer but my grammar was shit. I didn’t know how to write or what to write about... and then you walked into my life as a magical story teller of self love and I wanted all of it." -A.D.

Coaching testimony: 

“What began as depressed, anxious, doubting her greatness and totally feeling low to a body flooded with what it demanded. In her case, whole foods straight into the bloodstream, a sisterhood & a strong, uplifting community around her. She took back her power and continues to rise. When she first came into the circle searching, she said, "I just want my body back." It's our temple and it all begins here. She couldn't find anything that worked for her and she'd tried everything. She'd lost her devotion to her yoga practice, had been in recovery for eating disorders and addiction, and was READY to reclaim her body, mind & soul. After being with us she said, "I just started eating better out of no control of my own. I craved different food. I feel so good!" Her body, hair, skin, life, mental clarity and abs totally popped. She reached that point where she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then DECIDED, invested her energy into herself, and trusted the messages she was receiving from within.” -J

Partnership testimony:

"I am very excited to be contributing to the amazing Goddess Project, created by a sweet soul sister at Mazeylotus.

Sarah is a powerhouse, she is deeply connected to the goddess energy and is passionate about igniting it within others. The project includes a program full of magic - yoga, sacred rituals, Reiki, Oracle readings, Goddess recipes, a special webinar TBA and so much more.

All aspects of the program are designed to align you with your intuitive self, ignite your soul flame and reconnect you to the goddess within. I will be offering a 20% discount on our personalised raw gemstone bangles to all participants so that each woman has the opportunity to wear the crystals that will most support her journey of remembrance."