Black Moon Ebook: When we say what we want to say..

Written in celebration of The Black Moon Ebook, February 2017〰️

Taking a month to say just what the fuck we need to say can be highly therapeutic. February in the light of the black moon opens a door for many to feel compelled. 

Let's get behind it and give that to ourselves. 

In being exactly who we are it will both draw near to us those and that meant to be close, while driving away those and that not. Both beautiful. 

Those who end up together through a gravitational pull are those who feel truly happy together. That's something to honor and nurture. Let the rest go. It will change the entire outlook to purge that which doesn't belong although it will hang on and leave claw marks. 

Pretenses have no class. 

Health and vitality doesn't respond positively to pretending, or doing things to please others while stifling our own voice and way of life. We're all wiser than we give ourselves and others credit. Keeping people agreeing with us, liking us, or understanding us has no value for anyone. 

Cooperation rarely breeds grand endeavors and if there's anything this world needs right now it's stupendous human beings not afraid to be themselves. Let's be brave and be bold if that's our nature. Pretending won't make others feel more comfortable and will not empower us to be of service. It also does no justice to our energy, which every living being responds to and senses. 

The knowledge that our purpose is not to please or appease others but to speak our truth and live a destiny designed just for us is huge all in itself. 

Do you agree? 

If we're really attempting to reach those heights, it will keep us aligned with that high vibe energy and the petty details will no longer be visible. Our focus will not be on what others may or may not think, or feel of our actions, or our words, but rather the ripple effect of our choices and how we live on a grander scale. 

Characteristics such as, compassion, empathy, kindness, intelligence, intrigue, what the world sees as beauty and also versatility may land us in a variety of circles, but it will be a unique few that end up with you for the long run home. It's okay if we'd rather a smaller group of highly potent relationships as opposed to a mass amount of diluted ones, ones that never fit from the past, ones we may have forced before we woke up, or ones that only existed because we allowed things we know did not serve us. 

Conserve your energy. 

It's a much longer distance than we may have imagined. 

For those with an unrelenting warrior spirit it's time to find your direction and pursue it with an irresistible nature. The world will thank you later and be grateful that you didn't go quietly and demurely into the night politely hiding the wisdom of the ages. Find a way to bring it stripped bare of corruption. 

Let's give ourselves a month to live our purpose, speak our truth just the way we need. Many will know not to take it personally and set aside their ego while gently adjusting. If not, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz and Ancient Toltec Wisdom have swept the worlds over and over guiding on how to help others who may find this a foreign idea. 

Be fierce. We can return to gentle in March. 

Find the reason for being persistent and lead from the deep parts of your heart and soul in your month of rebellion.

What's the worst that can happen? 

Sarah K. Grundy xx