The Code

March 16. 2011


by Sarah K Grundy
I got a slap on the wrist this week.

An important and sometimes tough lesson for writers is learning the code of ethics. I'm not actually sure if authors have the same concerns, but I'd imagine there's a certain code to be followed. I kind of feel like a pirate and I've been granted "parlay."

I wrote a story for an Acupuncture physician using only the facts I knew to be true and "CUT!" the story won't print. I broke the code in a variety of ways. See how much I need more schooling! My Communications education, not helping too much right now.
The main character in the book I'm reading, Amy Inspired, while trying to get published decided or rather was forced into taking up jogging for her inspiration, you remember her roomate the uber motivated and athletic one, she initiated it. As she was in the midst of feeling the bliss that joggers get she fell down a hill and sprained her ankle. So together we are tripping all over ourselves while we, as my grandmother said in a letter recently, "Keep the dream alive."