Beyond Borders

March 20. 2011


by Sarah K Grundy

Writing the news for over a decade, that should make me a sinic and yearning to be proven wrong. Right? I really just want to be made a believer. Once you're a believer there's nothing left to say, it becomes poetry.

I always am looking to be made a believer. That always becomes potent beyond compare.

A new rule of thumb for me as a photo journalist in training, be objective. Write the facts and don't get emotionally involved as much as possible. When writing for films, television, radio or blogs they want your guts. The news your guts must stay home.

Journalists have the power to take a life, make a life or have a life taken or made. As a novelist your reader chooses you, as a journalist you choose your reader.

The woman that saw her son taken, can end up taking her life if you write about it- the woman who was under cover if written about could be taken in front of her home if written about. The power to uphold those in power to what they say they will do- that is a reason to write.

Watch Beyond Borders movie with Angelina Jolie it will change your life