History Channel

Feedback, from the producer: "FYI: I've edited the freelancer lists, and you are at the very top of it not only because you are a joy to work with, but have clearly lasted through at least one other producer. :) May I also take you with me on my traveling Superstar list for other gigs?"

Some good stuff from the footage, "Being geographically isolated is probably one of the major things that can start to contribute to local changes in evolution and population and in some cases to the emergence of brand new species. " Rennie

Campbell says, "And in fact there’s been changes it looks like in even the last fifty thousand years in the subtle ways that neurotransmitters work in our brains. " also "The distinction that we’ve drawn between body and mind goes back to as Nietzsche said, Aristotle drove a steak between the mind and the body and we’ve been recovering ever since. And what’s fascinating now is we have the science to put the two back together again."