Mrs. Smith

March, 10, 2010
by Sarah K Grundy

Come with me on the road to getting a book published. One that touches you all so deeply that it will have to be made into a movie and some brilliant performer will win a Golden Globe or an Oscar or if I'm being over ambitous it will at least grip you and if I fail there will be no apologies or explanations.

My first big job was writing. Monitoring Reports for networks. I would write everyday from my dusty third floor walk up in Harlem. I couldn't get enough of reading or writing. The first book I remember loving was called, "The Doll House Murders." I love so many authors and so many books that have accomplished what I am currently attempting, to reach the world with the written word. It's not as easy as it seems.

As of today, I write for newspapers and freelance for a large variety of publications, films and television, or radio shows. I am devoted to my writing! That has taken only about a decade, as it demanded so much of my emotions to produce.

So now step two, what am I going to write my book about when the topics are so many and so much has already been done? Adoption, childhood, women, race all from my perspectives would be a new idea. I feel imprinted within me is what I am meant to bring to the world, decoding it is a mission that won't ever end.