Nothing But the Truth

March 18. 2011


by Sarah K Grundy

Two of several professions follow a code of ethics are journalists and lawyers.

Nothing But the Truth movie with Kate Beckinsale can make you think twice about being a journalist as a gateway to being a novelist I don't think they are friends.

One is artistic, a novelist can take you on a creative writing journey through your heart and soul, lead to a screenplay, a film, make you cry or laugh, designed to inspire generations across cultural boundaries.

A newspaper article however can give you facts, yes, make you argue, get political, must be factual and very, very objective and is iron clad with rules, red tape, codes enough to make me question freedom of speech, freedom of the press and first amendment rights completely, while holding those in power to their words, it's very depressing...

I once wanted to be an attorney eluding to the fact that it was a career designed to bring justice, being a journalist is a close second. It is a passionate career that requires a lot of devotion, at times life threatening. But is it worth it?