art is a science; science is an art

Medical Imaging used for creative purposes by an imaging icon, Peter Dazeley of London, who reveals what the x-ray is also capable of with his Anamorphic nude, and solarisation (Sabattier effect) photography. Dazeley created many well known imaging techniques being utilized today.


The foundation of any science begins with a very good guess, prediction, equation, inspiration, a possibility, stab in the dark, a hunch, or even a feeling. "everything is art, production...until you know what to do..." UPENN Physicist and philosopher of sorts, in his own right.

Researchers practice science. Physicians, practice medicine. Artists practice their craft. All of the above practices come from a foundation, which converts something magical into something foundational, physical or material for the most part. The above are all involved in a sort of power struggle, often.

In art I imagine a hierarchy which consists of the purists, the empirical sect, of the art culture calling those who've gone commercial blasphemous. When a leading industry artist in Philadelphia was asked about the idea of the power struggle he said, "I love it! Who are you Oprah?!" I'm sure not everyone is affected the same way by the existence of this elites outlook, or sort of snobbery. In Science the number of theories and perspectives also vary and create a fair number of snobs. I once thought physicists and astronomers held hands on most of their lunch sessions, turns out this is not true, physicists and physicists don't agree quite often.

Physics may say gravity is the last remaining mystery, while Astronomy will say, Dark Matter accounts for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Both are hypothesized.

The black hole, one of the world's most mysterious phenomenon, exhibits some of gravity's most persistent works, by defying the laws of nature trapping light, and everything in it's path.
Dark matter, the portion of physics that intrigued retina surgeon Dr. Joe Maguire the most is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe, and 26.8% of the total content of the universe.[4][5]

Astronomy says dark matter has yet to be characterized, but its existence is proven from its gravitational effects on visible matter. The source of gravitational force is mass, which is dark matter. I fail to see the major difference in the two. I have been called a pseudo scientist, more than once, but see a lot of common sense that gets overlooked in the midst of analysis. I may gift a few colleagues with a turquoise stone, in the hopes of keeping them grounded.

 Gravity, which governs movement for anything with inertia, remains the last of the unproven, says one Swarthmore professor of physics, in the halls of the UPENN Physics and Astronomy Department, "gravity is the last remaining phenomenon to be proven since the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Although in Astronomy they would say, 'what about dark matter?' "
See the link for more on the Higgs Boson, particle guys at CERN in Geneva.

It seemed strange to me that two worlds that inevitably collide into being at times one in the same, battle with opposing beliefs. Everyone has their beliefs. Facts are quite often elusive and not always black and white. There are a multitude of variables that can present themselves at any given moment. Relevance exists in the statement of an anonymous physicist, who reminds us of, "the bubble," which I believe exists in the world of art, science and medicine. He was speaking of the bubble which creates the world where an M.D. is called a Dr., only in the US mind you, and a PhD is not.
This "bubble" filled with status, superiority, power, control, a hierarchy and of course, money/capitalist foundations, often blurs the many fine lines, which exist in the world of science and medicine. Even preventing the furthering of knowledge and/or the revealing of that which we already know.

Are many of our debates regarding what 'is', really as simple as 1, 2, 3, without that "bubble"? What can bring the debates to a more grounded reasoning?

It could take decades for anything we find, confirm and reveal today, to have real world impact, but when findings finally make their mark, it is quite often life altering for the entire universe in an evolutionary and astounding way. Finding a common ground to go forward on, is determining variable, sometimes. Because regardless, what is, will be, without recognition or with.

Nov' 12, 2013