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Breaking News in health and sustainability to be written by UPENN clinical researcher in training with over a decade of medical and writing experience.

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The largest study, with biological findings on yoga has just been released from embargo. Delivered from a Upenn Physicist, who was surprisingly impressed. Significant findings for breast cancer patients.
How did Maria Lee Driver beat blindness? How did she get that glow? I've been granted an exclusive interview, due to my decade in Ophthalmology this will make for an informative read.

The Humane League and their crusade to take meat out of Philadelphia schools on Monday, with the Meatless Monday's campaign, has been driven by volunteers.
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One of Philadelphia's top few public schools offered up a few of their kids to be in it.
Exclusive interview granted with the director of the Philadelphia office about how those involved can afford to donate their post production skills, how doctors are saying yes to interviews despite busy surgery schedules, and how a girl in her 20's has the attention and a bit of fear of the school board.
Most Metro cities are doing this. A hook to the story is it would improve cafeteria food for kids that have no other choices in what to eat.

Ben Tice, of the Tice family whole food, has found a way to battle brain cancer with the help of a little girl diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Moira Johnston, widely discussed activist. Her mother had breast cancer and this was not discussed. She has granted me an exclusive interview.
An expert physician, who feels her topless display is not unrelated to her mother's condition, has also granted me an exclusive.

I have detailed inside information on court cases, L&I regulations and complaints, on the fires that have been destroying Queen Village, while effecting million dollar homes neighboring, a population who refuses to abide by L&I orders.
What does it take to reinforce the laws surrounding housing safety.
I found out on Fulton Street, 19147.
One of two homes on the 400 block of Fulton is now being rehabbed due to threats that the city would take Albert Evans home. A recent case tried by Roger Perry stirred things up in that neighborhood after one single mom and her kids came down with a virus due to the sewage surrounding the home, 418 Fulton St.