Submerging in the leadership of The Goddess of fire and light, Liana Cameris, and her graceful, gentle balanced soul over the course of the next month.
Connecting with something words can't describe, stretching my body, while breathing to bring a better flow until now has been a somewhat solo, instinctual, intuitive, innocent action. A dance with the universe. A meditation with the mystics.

While in search of a teacher, a mentor to grow and develop this time I spend metamorphosing, there came Liana. "There's no wrong way. Close your eyes because everything out there you don't need." I felt myself connecting deeper, as my limbs knew where to go prior to her speaking it aloud. "Thank your body." She says. That is not something I've done, lately. My body is grateful.
"A divine intervention brought us all together." Said Caroline with grace. "I tap into the divine every chance I get." Said Liana. After one hour with each one of these innocents, tears of release sprung from my eyes as I saw and felt what would come next.
Caroline Grace Ashurst, shifted my perspective, while gradually my soul gravitated to the table.
Showing me what was there in front of me.
Over a glass of green tea, I saw her, see trauma I thought I'd released fully.
She will be guiding me to a healed space;
Releasing me from the human bonds that trap my freedom to fly.
She's already revealing the war I've waged may be presenting some inherent difficulties.
I will have to let the war rage on as I retreat, I'm still present.
Cultivating this giant fire, burning so brightly, in the direction before me. Being sure to put my fire, in my earth.

Check my calendar there is a Yoga combined Acupuncture gathering that will be a life changer. March 8th. Shine your light on it.
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