The union ॐ

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." ~ Rumi
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/ Bridge Pose
The rising of Spring, in Chinese Medicine, translates as anger, according to one of my great teachers. Spring has sprung, not without a bit of anger. Sometimes we feel like crashing down the bridges we are building.

Allowing the illumination to shine through even the smallest of cracks,
giving the glue time to dry before testing if it stuck,
takes patience and persistence. A delicate nature. Letting go.

Realizing the value of teachers makes all the difference. To teach, is to learn and grow. If we are to teach, we first must allow ourselves to be taught, to be led. Ghandi says it's the only true way to learn. To find a guru (or many they are all around us in so many different forms.)

Our evolution takes place as long as we're relaxed enough to let it flourish.

Destiny shines with such simplicity. If we follow like a baby bird, filled with wonder, instinct and innocence, never letting go- we will fly. The divinity that glows from within us will be happy and bright.
Breathe deeply and remember. Keep the union. Yoga. ॐ

"You've learned the separate actions, but it's time to let go of that focus and allow yourself to open viscerally to the pose. Try to relax in the action. Soften the awareness you' ve put on the individual details competing for your attention and experience the union of intention, action, and grace in your body as it radiates from the inside out. It is this inner transformation that is the state of yoga." Shiva Rea