Liver Yang Rising

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It's a part of Spring, but more than that for some who face an imbalance.

At the seat of any health issue is a lack of ease.
An emotional, psychological battle at the helm.
Resentment is a big obstacle for those facing disease. It can lead to the terminal, if not faced down harmoniously.

Issues with ones liver yang rising can lead to self medicating, which only exacerbates the issue facing your health, as well as the resentment.
It can be that your not feeding yourself right(what are you feeding?), or that you are harboring resentment among the many symptoms.

See below a link, for perhaps those Irish catholics that are working towards freedom, or those who just may have a bunch to be angry and resentful about.

With all of our scientific knowledge, our ancient medicinal modalities, our spiritual crusades, meditation remains the key to health, happiness and wholeness. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, everything is possible. It's the one super power that we all have. Now use it.

Diet guidelines for liver yang rising, take control of the heat.