Do you love to run? Do you want to keep running?

Knee pain, impact injuries and more complaints than I care to bore myself with, at the moment, come to the table when I mention how much I adore the run.

With arches like these I'd love if one of the sneaker creators could turn my red or yellow heels, into a running shoe.

Swiss Engineering has a new sneaker, that not everyone seems to know about. It has the capacity to keep you running. 

"I used to run but, but, but..." 
I hear it so often. I don't want to be that person, because running seems to keep me sane, and balanced, free to be me. With the upcoming lunar eclipse balance is everything.

Plantar fasciitis, Plantar fasciopathy or Jogger's heel are among the many issues that stop the lovers of the run from catching their wind. 
There is nothing worse than a runner who has lost their ability to fly. 
Wine will not cure this one. I tried. It will do the opposite.
It's like convincing yourself you don't need a lover, you can just love yourself. 
Yes, but likely humanity wins. You will still want a lover.

I'm a lover. A lover of the depths of the sea and the riches of the soul. 
The kind that can't be bought, or sold, or even taught. Definitely not forced.
Dig deep, push a little harder.
Dredge it from the depths.
Run for it.

Don't deny yourself what you know you deserve. 
Fight for it. Get a little gear to help you in the fight. Like armor for a battle.

The Cloud Surfer, it's a Cloud technology shoe.

Before these shoes, knee pain, after no knee pain. 
Before these shoes, heel pain, after these shoes no heel pain. 

Thank you Anna Deych,"I've already told everyone. Now everyone knows." She said.
When I mentioned I'd be writing about this shoe that saved my run, and no one carries or knows about except for Philly Runners downtown.
Strange that such a shoe would be elusive.
They sell themselves.

Swiss made Cloud Surfers. I recommend them.
I'm using new muscles and am being forced to use the proper part of my foot to reduce impact and eliminate injury. 

Don't be a heel striker, use the balls of your feet, or be forced to in these sneakers.
For more tips on form coach John Goldthorp can help, 

Thank your running body, after chanting to yourself along the long hauls, out of the mind into the body, out of the body into the soul. 

A love yourself tip:
Try the below sequence dictated by Liana Cameris at Sculpere to bring those muscles that take you through the trails a little bit of comfort!

Warm­up asanas
Surya Namaskar A
Surya Namaskar B
Wide­leg forward fold (prasarita padattonasana)
Triangle (trikonasana)
½ Moon (ardha chandrasana)
(other side)
Pyramid pose with yoga mudra (parsvottonasana)
Standing split
Seated twist (ardha matsyendrasana)
(other side)
Pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana)
Cow­face pose (gomukasana)
Wide­leg seated forward fold (upavishta konasana)
(other side)
Heroes pose (virasana)
Seated forward fold (pachimottanasana)
Bound­angle pose (baddhakonasana)
Legs up the wall pose (viparita karani)

By: Liana Cameris 3/20/14

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