Mung Mono Cleanse

After an intesive Ayurveda workshop with Dhyana owner and founder, trained by Deepak Chopra I'm embarking on the Mung Bean Diet. You eat only Mung beans and rice for 10 days. Read below for the amazing cleansing qualities this diet possesses.

Take note the link below details a different recipe, than I was suggested to use. Olive oil, mung beans and rice only. Maybe Ghee butter in place of olive oil. Maybe a dash of salt and pepper if you must. The idea is to take away the flavors, cleanse mind. But the link does a good job of listing the details otherwise.

If nothing else, add this yummy pea like bean to your diet for increased detox impact.
Beware for those of you facing autoimmunity, it is a legume, not aloud in our diets.