Super Powers

"We're going to make you a superhero" said Dr. Michael Ross at The Performance Lab Velocity Sports Center.
That one comment served as great inspiration on my recent visit, designed to help me reach a peek in my physical goals.
Just beneath the surface, we are all superhero's. It's layers such as these that keep us striving to for extreme health.
I'm comforted by the reality that there is a Dr. Ross operating on that premise, while being scientific at the same time.

My super hero self is perhaps, aquatic.
However, running brings me endurance ensuring that when I reach the sea, I'm surfing. Another form of flight, similar to gait.

Dr. Ross is going to keep me running.
A few suggestions, physical therapy for strength training, analysis such as VO2 Max, Spirometry testing, Lactate Threshold, Cardiopulmonary testing and breathing.

He has a great assistant Gina, who will guide you if you are not accustomed to the gear that is necessary to conduct these tests.
She also tames the testosterone you may feel with all of these powerful athletes around you, it oozes out of the walls.
"Running away already" the voice of a coach echoed from across the room,
as I ran for some water.
"Um, no I'm fine...really...I'll be right back..."

The tests were conducted on a treadmill.
I am not a treadmill girl.
I felt so awkward and no one will ever see that video footage, ever.
This historical winter filled with ice and snow, I ran outdoors consistently, to avoid the treadmill.
I need wide open space, and fresh air in my lungs to ignite me.
I'm determined to make my next test more graceful despite my treadmill phobia,
but don't be afraid to feel silly it was well worth it.
I do believe these tests can be conducted outdoors. I'll keep you posted.

Our struggles to excel are not always in our heads. There may be something physiological going on. It's important to be aware of it, whether you work through it with meditation, or medication.
Ross uncovered what was holding me back from getting what I want out of my sport and my sensations.
If you feel frustrated with your performance, have encountered sports related injuries, or have a yearning to move ahead in your mission that gives you chills?
This is the expert to see.
He can find the source of resistance and hand you the tools you need to move ahead.

Ross works with serious athletes, professional athletes,
but also sees those like myself who just love to play and want to get more out of life.
I left amazed with what he was able to provide, including motivation and perspective.

With a new found focus on strength, form, muscle tone and speed-
I'm closer every day to emulating my favorite super hero's,
Tauriel from The Hobbit, Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean 
and perhaps my favorite, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.
Who are your super hero's?
Get there.
Call them and ask for Gina, she will get you set up and on the right course.
They take insurance!

The thrill my daddy dearest and his two brother's loved, just got closer.
Uncle John tackled the sport on his recent trip to Mexico, also.
Something about this family and the surf, it calls to us.
Photo taken from LBI long ago. Uncle Rob, Dad, Uncle Dave (Left to Right)

The NE is not without options for surfing.
They are cold options, so get a full body wet suit to start. Ouch!
Also this is a good time to surf, Autumn is better than summer for waves.
The best waves in the NE are said to be in Outer Banks, NC. 
See this site for a watch on the wave reports,

Posted 4/1/14-5/4/14