The Butterfly Story

One evening, I met this really cool creature on Lombard St., I thought, what better way to celebrate than to get down like the creature I met, w/ a glorious depiction of it by Conrad Booker (2014 Left, 2015 Right

Here is what happened, I'll try to tell you something that is really just strange to put into words, you know? Some happenings can't be described. That's what this was, indescribable.You had to be there.

Here goes. I was never a butterfly person. They are gorgeous and colorful, but I never felt a connection necessarily unique to any other living creature, like I see some people do.
My uncle John made a piece called, "Butterflies for Kathy," by John Murphy. My mom is the butterfly girl.

But, there was this one butterfly, on this one day.

It was early evening in Washington Square West, Philadelphia on 7th St. I'm walking home from work. I approached Lombard and something made me stop and look to the ground, to my right.

There was a perfect black butterfly with one large orange splotch on each wing sitting in the middle of the road. I heard a car approaching so I gazed with a warning to the butterfly. The butterfly remained still for a few moments and then began to fly.

The butterfly flew around me and I twirled to see it. I lost it after a glance, but felt it. It had landed on my right shoulder and was looking directly into my eyes for 15-30 second. My heart was pounding, blood rushing, breath quickening, my feet became sternly rooted into the ground.

The butterfly flew around me again, I spun around slowly looking for it, but I couldn't see it. I stopped-  it landed on my left shoulder. That butterfly looked right through me. I was frozen still as I felt my soul coming to the surface, without asking my permission. I was like, "oh shit!"
That is how present this little creature was he made me shutter.

My mind flickered into reality- I wanted to capture this moment- I thought about reaching for my camera and the butterfly flew around me again. I could only move my eyes. I remained still, but could not see the butterfly. (I instantly abandoned the idea of taking a picture during a moment like this again, what a waste of preciousness- staging is fine!)
I couldn't see it or where it went.

I stood still looking slowly around, wondering if I could breathe again, as people began to stare at me and wonder what I was doing. I didn't care.
I felt the butterfly again. It landed on my chest, directly on top of my heart this butterfly sat staring up at me, facing me, looking me in the eyes.
My mouth opened in disbelief. It was the same each time it landed on me so tender, but determined to communicate something to me.
I felt the little feet of that butterfly penetrating into me watching me for a good 15 seconds as my spirit sank and it felt like a lifetime.

Then it vanished. I shivered.
I couldn't see it fly away into the trees or around the corner.
The butterfly just vanished.
From that moment, I was changed with a new vision and a new voice.
Transformed. Still. Quiet. Touched. Withdrawn from my senses. Aware. Awake.

I am as free as that butterfly.

"Who was that?" said Derek
"That butterfly was for you" said Justine.
"Would you believe I saw that same butterfly today" said Donna.
 "I think that was my mother. She was speaking to me earlier." Beth said
"Maybe it was your dad" Andrea said.

Friday August 8, 2014
There was this little
that busted my
heart wide open and changed my life forever.