Cleanse Recipe & idea for those who are too lazy to cook

I want ice cream, but that is not going to make it better!! Here is my soupy version of the master cleanse w/ this new moon filling my up & friends saying "lean in" hence I'm doing a cleanse.

The warmer the weather gets the more some of the wintery, cozy habits are fading. We love ice cream, one of my weaknesses in summer! Oh how dairy does not like me.  Have you heard that saying comfortable bad, uncomfortable good?

cleanse recipes & instructions:

exercise or dance in the in the kitchen while preparing
bone broth home made: boil chicken bones until you have a white broth
Drain the broth into a separate pot and Add:
sea salt or whatever. No ALUM salt! Joking. Did everyone read my post on my Like Page about Alum Water and how amazing it is? #wateruniverse
teeny bit of (my mouth is smokin' after I overdid it on this one) cayenne. 
tumeric, celery, coconut oil, and maple syrup.

If you add too much cayenne throw in a bit of yogurt to balance it.

This was my dinner last night I topped it off with a Shakeology desert  (tablespoon of Peanut Butter, Chocolate Shakeology, Ice, Hemp Milk Shaken)

Now go outside and lay in the grass!!