Home Practice #5

STRENGTH TRAINING tools to get through the obstacles for more yoga and surfing! 
By taking the added step to learn to train others WHILE I was being trained turned out to be the thing that kept me in the game. 
It's true what they say, the only real way to hold onto anything is to give it away. 

I joined a team of mostly women from all around the world. Having them in my corner with all the burning that comes with strength training made it hard to give up. AND I DIDN'T! There's a lot of adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine and spirit when a group of people come together for a common goal and it's all about getting strong, shedding parts of yourself that don't serve you and pushing through health obstacles. 
It becomes contagious and exciting to hear all of the stories & see the success catching like wildfire. The coach gave motivating talks weekly and we were all held accountable. 
It reminded me we are tribal beings and need each other to thrive.
I was posting on social media like crazy.
I was speaking from the heart and the idea was to rally support and accountability for myself. Now that I've told everyone what I'm doing I can't very well back out, right? 

Working with this team, took my home practice to a whole other level. 
Round 1: within the 1st week of this program I lost 8 pounds and saw all sorts of muscle rippling through my body.  I don't usually follow the numbers game because I have this whole other goal in mind, but it was shocking & didn't take as much as I thought it would. 
I drank shakeology everyday and although it's not recommended I drank it even more than once per day. It tastes like brownies, totally satisfied my body and was an easy way to give my body everything it needs. I followed a clean, mostly organic, paleo, portion monitored meal plan. I called it, "eating for dummies" that's how simple it was to follow. Anytime I felt hungry between meals, or at night I drank a shake, ate dark chocolate, or put a dab of maple syrup on my greens if lemon water didn't cut my cravings, which was really taken care of by Darin Olien's formula. I completely eliminated alcohol, but have since taken advantage of the 4 oz rule. 

I felt my body being restored on a deep level and that made a huge difference in my ability to think clearly, perform and see results. The focus I gained with this program was the most impressive for me, at first. I felt ALIVE. I was instilled with a laser beem focus, is that the Maca, the Jen Sincero book, or the vibrations of my teammates? I had a ton of energy after an initial detox phase of about 3-5 days, which started with a need for rest, feeling my body being rid of toxins and then hunger because it seemed I now had a new ability to digest, absorb and therefore function at a much higher level. 
I like to call it the Payote, or Ayuasca period of adjusting to the shakeology. It was like nothing else I'd experienced. 
My gut needed a lot of nutrients and attention. The Darin Olien formula did it and it still is.
Like puzzle pieces being returned to my foundation I felt like I was rebuilding myself, reconnecting with something I'd forgotten. Something whole. I knew something was missing before. I just wasn't sure what it was. It was nutrients, a particular balance of probiotics, greens and herbs like ashwaghanda. 
In the second week I was gaining muscle. I saw it & felt it. By week 3 a total of 12 lbs was lost. Finally on day 21, although I measured smaller than w/ the total 12 lb weight loss in week three, the end weight loss was 10lbs total. 
That's a sure sign of MUSCLE gain right there, because it does weigh more than fat. That's my theory on the 2 lbs and I'm stickin' to it.

I wasn't perfect for the 21 days. I'd love to see what will happen when I do follow it perfectly. Round 2 begins next month when I'll be doing a Reset for three weeks.

What I learned a lot about was balance and what it feels like to build muscle without stressing my body. The foundation was solid nutrition and always seeing food as fuel. That and the supplementation gave me the focus it takes to perform well. 
The comradery of my teammates gave me what it took to give it my all. 
Autumn Calabrese was the talented trainer that I worked with, from home. She focused on form, going at my pace, stretching before and after, while I  listened closely to my body. She's no stranger to battling through uncomfortable situations to regain a stronger hold on health. She kept it fun and inspiring all throughout. I even cried during these workouts because I felt so happy that it was working for me AND I could do them!! 
"Everything in my tank" went into building strength for 21 days. 
Doing home work outs in my undies did the trick and these are tools I can always return to.

I'm a cardio girl, gym girl, yoga studio girl & this is my new favorite way to get strong. It gives me that extra boost and encourages me because the results are so rewarding. I realized although I love cardio it wasn't going to push me past my plateau and cardio wasn't going to build me a belly that could lift me onto my daddy's surf board!! 
The metamorphosis that took place during this 21 days was life changing. I'm working towards an inside out transformation & that's where the extremes were felt, inside and out. I'm not the same person as when I started. I feel more confident to move forward in my yoga practice and with my surfing dreams! This journey to build a stronger, healthier body will be a life long one, but I'm making progress and feeling more positive. 

My mind was telling me, "oh my goodness this is different can we stop now?" But, my body was being supported, my emotions were being balanced and I had a GIANT & powerfully loving support team infusing me w/ skills to deveop & grow the entire time. 

Like I call stress a junk food, the opposite is true too. 
Through these few weeks I was mentored, supported, loved and guided in all areas of my life. That was the greenest salad I could have eaten. 
Lots of love is the cure. 
More yoga and surfing with a stronger body ahead and now I have a way to invite you all to join me on my journey!!! You know how to find me. Sarah xoxo Happy Practicing.

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