Sarah's Sauna Seat

This is how the sauna became one of my staples.

"At first, I was so happy how flexible it was helping me to become not so that I could become an acrobat or anything, but flexibility allows for all my channels to be open and clear. Clarity is golden in my world. The sauna started to guide me into more flexibility, like Bikram, apply heat and bend.I'd go into the sauna and stretch, do yoga poses that I couldn't normally do and I still do that, but what began to happen was something deeper.I realized that if I sit completely still, silent, I can reach an inner part of myself a calm, an untouchable place inside myself while in this heated box. There was even a day when the entire box was filled with sweaty men, I swear a few droplets flung onto me and I REMAINED STILL. That's when I knew this hot box was teaching me to really meditate." - Mazeylotus

For these reasons the sauna my go to: (Near Infrared Sauna, Dry Sauna, Steam Sauna- you choose depending. Cancer patients Near Infrared Sauna will get to you down to your bone marrow)
If my body is sore, I sauna.
If I skip a work out it's tougher to get back in there so first, I sauna.
If I drink or eat something I shouldn't my first line of defense is, I sauna.
If I feel emotionally overloaded, I sauna.
If I'm PMS'ing, I sauna.
Did you know one of my twins name is Isaana?