raw food

As a minimalist aiming to simplify, the world of food poses a challenge. After watching, “What the Health,” a documentary film on Netflix, inspiration struck to revisit raw food nutrition. That sensation of plucking a tomato off the vine and moments later into your mouth, that feeling is where the glory of raw food lives.

David Wolfe spoke to me in nutrition study. His personality penetrates, but the idea of raw food has always been one that made so much sense. Raw. Natural. Vibrant. Alive. Don’t you love the primal sound of it? The word itself has this potency as if it hasn’t been deteriorated. Raw. Electric.

Paleo, Ital, vegetarian, vegan, keto, autoimmune protocol and the list goes on. How can we eat to live? What do we eat to feel most alive? Is it what we eat? Is it how we eat? Is it when we eat? Is it where we eat? Is it with who we eat? Is it in how we speak to what we eat? Is it a matter of feeling worthy to receive?

Feeding ourselves in the current state of our world can’t be called the simplest of tasks even when taking a minimalist approach. With a new garden in the backyard, it’s become clear there is nothing basic about soiling, planting, harvesting and feeding the body with the ripe richness of lively food.

After studying with Joshua Rosenthal at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Primary Food resonated most. A thought, spoken word, surroundings, relationships and that energy all around us; that is food too. It enriches our bodies, absorbs all the energies around it, reaches the parts of us that matter most and determines our physiology. What we put into our bodies holds power.

New ebook of raw foods coming soon. Stay tuned.