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Click above to read Chapter 1.

Click above to read Chapter 1.

"I was lured to write this book for as long as I can remember. After being seduced by the sea over the past few years, entranced in a love affair that seemed to bring all others into perspective and amidst a time rich in decoding mysteries, it came to life."  ~Sarah

As an avid reader and writer at a young age, Sarah felt a spark and magnetism towards books in particular. They were further romanticized by intimate trips to the library with her mom and grammy. “The Dollhouse Murders”, by Betty Red Wright, tales of lost hamsters, crimes of passion in Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote read while still in her single digits, awoke stories from an unknown past within her. Freedom and books have always been her most adored possessions.

Fueled by her own wild love stories, heart felt poetry like that of Stacie Martin, CW Poet and Atticus, art filled with oozing emotion like Loui Jover and Dimitra Milan.

Changing her own name at the age of 2 and reciting lines, while wearing her mothers suit and heals in her toddler years, “Martha’s dead and you’re to blame. There’s no getting out of it now…” became her trademarks. Dramatics brought sense to all the nonsense. Opera’s like, Phantom of the Opera and music like Johann Sebastian Bach’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in F Minor were her therapy.

Deep into her 30’s, Sarah withdrew from her active and lively urban social life, becoming quite the recluse, snuggling in the comforting arms of the sea, traveling to islands mostly abandoned. Now we know some of what she’s been up to out there lost at sea. Some of it…