Cancer Killer

Force (as in force of nature) Vetiver

August 28, 2013

Have you ever felt so drawn to something, that you feel you may fall right into it?

 Sculpture in NYC by Paige Bradley

This is how it was meeting, Vetiver. It went a little something like this, sniff, “hmm” sniff sniff, “hmm hmm, uh huh..."

"Oh my...what is that? Will you put some right here? I want to smell that all day. Let me smell it again. Oh, I like that. What's the name of that again?"

I am not alone, but it is few and far between that feel the same love I do for the lures of this liquid.

There are only two children beckoned by the fearless scent, Dylan Murphy and Anna Branas, unique beings in so many ways and old souls, for sure. John Murphy, at dinner tasted the bliss, the internationally acclaimed artist was tranquilized by its decor of creativity and tranquility. The soul goddess of fire and light, dredges tears with her lemongrass, coaxes yogini's by the droves with her own effervescence she was lured and "amazed", the bold-natured herbal specialist at Essene Market in Queen Village was snapped out of her silence, Elaine on the way to the lake stopped the car to apply it to every crevice, Nicole the grad student wanted to take it with her, the sassy Brooklyn native next door douses her entire family with it now, Brian on the Kundalini mat beside me came back for more, and the yummy martyr in my bed, all moved by the essence.

This vivacious, thick, dark, velvety oozing with glory essential, among a host of powerful attributes has been known to have a sedative impact. Frontier's gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, brings a significant potency to the plant. Among it's healing powers, cancer, joint issues and inflammation. (Stick w/ Frontier brand on this one, not all are created equal. The Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry are a necessity with this complex of a plant.)

The reaction seems chemical. One whiff, gazes lock, wonder brews. What powers have just been enchanted upon us from this dichotomous elixir? It feeds a part of you that has always been hungry, but you didn't know.

Oils call to me like yoga, trees, wind, water or stones do. Like Artemis before Hercules. I stay within and allow a delicate decision to form, from a place that doesn't need words. The aroma of a certain primal being sent me searching for a new spice the day this new oil was revealed to me. When the smell of him washed out of my sheets, I was left with the desire to be drenched and dirty with his secretions once again.

You know those electric beings oozing subtle vibrations?

 You will know when you feel a trickling sensation in secret spaces.

Warm, ethereal droplets placed gently and naturally on your lips- taking refusal out of the options,

no matter the neural input.

Dredging your animal self- playful, free and fearless;

fierce, soulful and soft. A force.

Seducing you into submission with such sophistication-

releasing you strengthened with a new discipline.

That's what led me to Vetiver's esoteric, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, nervine sustenance.

I knew what I wanted. I sniffed through others, lemon, bergamont, ylang ylang, none of them were just right. Too sweet, too sour...too tame, not tame enough.

I knew I would sense it when I found it.

Nothing can cloud the vision when you know what you want.

I craved rich earth, health a forever youthful innocence, filled with purity.

Sincerity tingling with serenity's embrace.

As with any glory, there is a hint of danger lurking beyond the shadows beneath your feet,

an uncertainty that will never be defined,

which leaves you breathless with wonder and persistence,

furthering your thriving to soar that much more.

Rebirth your soul, take a whiff of the spirit of Vetiver oil. It will change your perspective.

All are not created equal when it comes to Vetiver, get this bottle. Organic, Aura Cacia by Frontier.